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Looking at myself
Jan 13, 2023

Core Spirit member since Jan 13, 2023
Reading time 19 min.

The Preparation

Thank you for your time in reading… it brings me great joy and happiness, that you are giving this time to yourself.

The message I want to share is really simple and clear, but we are complicating life by adding to ourselves, through reading, pursuing, obtaining, progressing, following, and thinking (Doing)…and the attachment to that movement, is why I/we don't like endings to anything.

I see it is because the fear of "where do I/we go from here?" is present…but I feel, we are not aware of that presence.
So it seems clear and reasonable, that we need to dig through the same amount of dirt that we buried ourselves in to uncover the truth.

I apologize for the reading length not being time efficient or desirable, But I feel, our minds are like Indra's web…it just goes on and on, expanding and running away from itself (source), hence why I am trying to catch up to my ego to bring it back to its authentic self/source/root.


No amount of writing or wisdom can make us understand, or be aware of the messages given to us for thousands of years, or they would have been received long ago and we would not be here today sharing our thoughts and minds because there would be no-thing to share, as all IS… shared.

And if this were fact, then healthy air, fresh clean food, clothing, shelter, a great health service, free clean energy, and freedom and time for ourselves and loved ones, would be in abundance for all beings.
So this being said, the web must be examined before it can be seen for its complex simplicity.


Photo by Max on Unsplash

You will see this is not MY journey or thinking, but it is our journey and thought to share, and for our ego to bear, so the true self can be seen more clearly and be at one with all things, feelings, and happenings.

What I See…

There has always been division in the human experience, an attachment to the like, and a dislike of it all. But we should not judge either wrong or right, good or bad, as we are all experiences playing in a sea of thought.


But the sea, its content, and dynamics are much too large for one's conditioned mind to be aware of it all, so all that we have gathered from our experience is condensed/simplified or modified into what that condition finds itself more comfortable to communicate with the world.

I see my mental and physical experiences dictate my thoughts, and that governs my choices, actions, and beliefs.
What we see, hear, and touch has been willed to us, persistently, 24hrs a day…entertaining and stimulating the outer senses that I can't make sense inwardly, of my authentic self, hence meditation techniques.

Energy flows where the mind goes and from the dawn of man, the energy of attention to form and matter has made it impossible for the majority of us to penetrate the mind in meditation, and seeing the fact that evolution is not (psychological) about human progress towards some goal, idea, task, structure or establishment… it is biological… the unseen with the eye that CAN, see.

But we have expanded into a psychological plain of existence creating more clutter in the mind, hence techniques and practices, and the cycle continues…going on in mental motion but going nowhere in spirit or our truth.

So it is clear that we don't know who we are and where we are going, but our attachment to form and matter perpetuates the illusion of time/movement, and that, makes it so.

Who I Think I Am


Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash

Take meditation/life, we all struggle to achieve something better than, by attaining knowledge or creating countless techniques or practices to help or guide ourselves to that desired experience or event.

We then go through days, Months, and Years with this action thinking we've attained it (for if we did we would not continue the search), and we don't realize that we're still living in the very practice of the patterns we trying to get rid of or awaken from. Much like the practices and knowledge used to fix our history of worldwide problems, past and present.

What I am saying is, no matter what we want, it is for the pursuit of happiness, but we are attached to things and outer experiences to make us happy and we constantly need it like a drug, that to go without (especially if we've complicated life by adding to ourselves with brands/labels, new, old/fashion…just the naming of things) would bring us great distress and suffering, until we purchase, or obtain, a NEW thing, person, or experience.

So now life becomes an accessory, not a necessity-which is our human duty to house other parts of ourselves or consciousness.

"You are not happy because you THINK, you are happy and do not KNOW, you are always happy"

We are going around in circles lost believing we are happy, but in actuality, we are "happily" lost hungry ghosts.


Photo by sept commercial on Unsplash

But we do enjoy the Merry go round and we're not getting off any time soon, because the mind is… movement, and we will forever be in progress getting nowhere until we as a whole STOP… the human doing, and start to practice being.

We are leeching onto everything in this world of form and matter, and by doing so it fuels and drives our thoughts and so creates an identity. This also makes us fully aware and attached to form and matter…not prior to.

I also see we then come to solutions to problems created from the same thinking, wondering why we as a person or the world have not found collective peace, love, or happiness yet.

We do not clean ourselves with dirt…do we? but with water, as using the very thing that caused the mess will not clean or solve the problem. So why do we use the same thinking and seeing to solve life problems, issues, or dilemmas?
many ways of thought explain that awareness, stillness, being in the now, etc… is where we should live and no matter what we do outside ourselves it will inevitably destroy us.


Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

But every day men/women will disagree and identify this positively as evolution/change/trial & error, learning from our mistakes for a better tomorrow, and so on… and this is true to build structures and landscapes, but not to change ourselves, and our experiences.

Today seems to be tomorrow's problem because I feel, today is a result of what you thought about yesterday or the past.

So as long as we come from, and live in the past while unaware of the sea, we can only evolve into destruction, fear, suffering, or bewilderment by the dismembering of what is known (attachment).

From the past and present of our world, this seeing is clearly evident…only if you are seeing and not seeing through thought.

Awareness Of A Battle


Photo by Gabriele Stravinskaite on Unsplash

Take our leaders running our world and dictating our lives, we are them, and they are us and it is not a fight for our freedom, livelihood, or experiences but a surrender to what we THINK about it all.

They, too, were children with some kind of illuminated emptiness and unconditional love, until they were given a mask forged by conditioning and moulded with beliefs, a persona, and perceptions of themselves and others.

All these tendencies or patterns-which are what the mind is, have been adopted from family, peers, and surroundings, shaping who they believe they are, and not what they forgot they are.

They once shone a light…and it still shines, but their attention and attachments are to what is known from thinking…not feeling.

This attention and attachment showed financial wealth, manipulation of the mind, worshipping, secrets of the world and beyond, earthly resources, alien races, technology, free energy, and so…control.

Few were in fear, worry, or denial but they were told if they do not comply with or accept their families/peers' traditions, employment, or beliefs then they and their loved ones will come to harm or be abandoned while their lives and livelihoods are made a miserable experience.

Now ask yourself…honestly what will you do with that type of power in a material realm while being watched and dictated over?


Photo by Nik Shuliahin 💛💙 on Unsplash

Most of us would have no choice against those secrets, powers, or control and would be forced to make decisions for the sake of our livelihood and the lives of ourselves, and our loved ones.

It seems this isn't about them against us or us against them, because us is them and the battle is with ourselves and seeing the truth from thought.

Thought/the Ego is learning from the outside and then inputting information inside the mind which edits a majority of extremely important data so we can communicate with the experience of form and matter.

This may be one, or the only reason why our attention is on a minute speck of visible light available to us.

And for the energies surrounding us right now… we have mastered feeling better and getting better, and just… getting better at things, but we seem to have a great deal of struggle getting better at the feeling.


There is not much information needed to engage with human existence, or I should say, it is simply simple to live life, but we have grown accustomed to the reaction of our feelings when we are in distress, sadness, or suffering, and when it is that… we call life a struggle.


Photo by Magnet.me on Unsplash

This struggle comes from the animated form of ME… physically doing, pursuing, and prior to both…thinking.
So I see, I am thought just like my enemies, and I have the same ability to entertain their thoughts, but I see the opposite that formed my awareness of the other, so I can house both thoughts as one, instead of pushing out one in the cold, to inevitably come knocking for shelter, and freeloading.

I feel this is an awareness of the duality of both good and bad occupying the same space, and us seeing, that if they can share the room, they can learn to live together as one.

But for as long as we have been thinking, we have been between them both, pushing them apart and perpetuating their energy instead of seeing, feeling, and listening to them.

The Power We Possess

If we practice or share this view EN MASSE there will be no division only oneness and love for all.

This love showers over all things and beings, like the love, hate, and suffering showering over us at present, and manifesting what we see and experience today.

These are not words that sound like hocus pocus or some sort of wisdom or theory to help you get on with your day or life, no, WE WILL LITERALLY CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH WORLD MASS MEDITATIONS, and Circumstances or events will manifest that bring about the mass desired experience or effect for real change, not change that brings about more change to change the changed.

We love the idea of magic and mystery but we are not prepared to see the mystery within ourselves, that has brought upon that very idea, desire or feeling.
I see and ask… (and this is just an estimate) but how can 2% of the world population control 98%?… because the two per cent have united thoughts and beliefs about control, power, and indoctrination, while the 98 per cent are divided by culture, beliefs, religion, and status…
And we wonder why there's suffering, or no regard for it at all… and so the pattern for change continues.

Only en masse will the world change, but we are more concerned with our world/prison… like we are, at this very moment, creating this illusion/reality.


Photo by Stan B on Unsplash

Seeing Happiness

We all want material wealth…don't we? Or should we just call it happiness? Whatever it is… it translates into happiness, but for the fractured human mind let's just call it things or stuff.

Now maybe things are personal/individual so come with varied perceptions and context of what a being deems a satisfactory or attractive thing and it is all dependent on the Egoic mind, hence why it is fractured and lost… in time.

Like the sea, it's too complex to understand, but we just believe we know who we are and where we are going because, I can touch it and I can see it, never realizing that "between the two my true life moves'' beautifully said by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

It is our habit of seeing with the eye that CAN see, instead of seeing with the eye…THAT sees.

Our happiness comes from suffering, and from suffering comes happiness.

It feels like a law, or you can perceive it as Yin and Yang coming together as one, but one manifests itself as a result of the other. So in our existence of form and matter, a child, man, woman, community, country, or animal will suffer for our unconscious desires.


Photo by Jana on Unsplash

We enjoy eating meat or fish as long as we are not doing the hunting, fishing, or slaughtering, and we all are aware of this fact, hence why we have collectively established charities, fundraising events, and incentives for purchasing a product to make ourselves feel we are giving or helping in some way when it perpetuates more of what we don't want.

It's like taking medication for pain or disease, it will relieve or repair the surface of things or what you physically feel and see, but you will inevitably come back to where you started until you learn to begin and finish where you began, in order to finish or put an end to what has a risen.

In other words, looking at the problem (the feeling) from the inside, sacrificing yourself to it, like the journey to the Buddhas' enlightenment or Jesus's crucifixion.
We love to wear and show our faith or belief but we're not willing to make the same sacrifice.

I don't mean hanging in a tree from hooks through your skin or putting the body through suffering or being nailed to a cross, no, because all we have to do is sit, and sacrifice the mind because the body, has already been sacrificed.

We all want financial freedom to obtain some desired lifestyle but be assured that the feeling called happiness has our full attention.

We want to eat in restaurants, go to events, travel the world, drive a fancy car, own a big house, go shopping, etc, but apart from never being happy, we place no awareness on how or who harvested and provided the materials, brick, mortar, metal, wood, steel etc, or what company had to lay off or cut a being's wages to reach targets and profits for the benefit of a company or individual desires.

The same applies to our jewellery and recycled metals needed for our phones and electronic devices.


Photo by Yaopey Yong on Unsplash

I Am Suffering

We are the suffering in this world and whatever we think internally and do externally only creates more problems which we then have to find a solution to, which in effect creates another problem, and so the endless cycle continues left for our children to solve like ourselves and our parents unknowingly before us.

So it seems clear that we will never change this world externally, no matter how grand the idea or the fight for freedom is.
It starts from within by looking at ourselves without judgment and accepting all things, feelings, and happenings, so we are one with…and at the same time free from them all.


Mohamed Hassan • Age 39 • Giza/Egypt • pixabay.com

"The Law of One" reminds me of this thought, I don't read any books but I do examine them.

You can understand this truth by seeing the space that we all occupy right now.

There are good and bad in this world, crimes, death, birth, pain, sorrow, anger, happiness, war, and fear, and the world/space does not object to or prefer one over the other hence our existence and purpose for being. If it did, then am sure the universal law would inform us of its objections, in relation to our Egoic beliefs, thoughts, or actions.

I would like to add that the purpose of our being is to experience life good or bad and not intentionally but from your persona or Egoic form, or in other words, what has been served on your plate…you are free to play with your food, eat it, waste it, refuse it or ask for what you want. We are FREE…we always have been.

This human experience is to learn from, not to put fault or punish ourselves or others. You may want to call this evolution, change, or experience, but when I look…it seems evolution is a word we use to help us feel we are going somewhere…making a change or some sort of progress to a result or experience that will lead us forever searching for a NEW ONE…" around we go again " in the realm of form and matter.

It seems simpler to live by that thought structure than the information collected in our minds ( which gives life to our thoughts to engage with form and matter) every second of every day, and that gives us what I feel is a "conclusion from our delusion"
I feel the day we were conceived was our evolution, but we are only aware of our limits, not the limitless within.


Gordon Johnson • USA • PixabayI Am One With…

We are one mind like the 'Tower of Babel' sharing thoughts and ideas to bring about a wonderful human experience for all collectively, but other beings decided to separate us through fear and destruction, and it is the result of our division through religion, beliefs, and culture.

I see this is also clear when I look into our current worldwide events, from the roots as well as the surface.
We are and will always be the result of that…until we see we are not separate from that.

This construction of our experience and surroundings keeps us trapped in the dark, so an ego grows, playing, swimming, and having a splash.

By all means, we must have fun, enjoy and experience life but know that the true self gave the ego permission. That Ego is a child playing in a sea of thought and the true I is supervising and guiding.


Photo by Kyaw Tun on Unsplash

If the average man/woman was told they are swimming in thought, they would probably reply… 'Thought! what thought?" just like air or
a fish's view of water…" what water?"

We truly don't understand, we are trapped in thoughts that conduct our whole world and being.

Our Children Are The Future

If you want your child to follow your advice or steps, or just to obtain financial stability, well it will be a result of our fears and objection to what we individually don't prefer about the world right now, which will bring about more of what you object to.

You may argue that "I have a great life because of this practice, upbringing, or belief", but that is exactly the issue, it is that mutual/collective duty to SELF, I, or ME that creates continuous division and suffering in our world.

Teaching our children to be doctors, lawyers, Bankers, engineers, designers, developers, creators, movie stars, etc will not change the world because it is what you push away that creates your desire for change, and then you find what you resist continues to persist…but not entirely in your personal experience, but to others around the world.

And therefore selfish, blinded and unaware…we are.


Photo by Travis Essinger on Unsplash

Money has become our identity and will be our destruction, and seeing Socrates' truth into the debt we must pay to Asclepius fits perfectly into that human experience.

I ask myself, after this seeing, will we just be entertained by these words or will we act upon them? As long as there are words and naming, our very existence will be the collective movement we identify and feel with.

We are fooling ourselves that we are making a better world through our individual prisons, when in actuality we are making a better world in our prisons, growing further apart and perpetuating what we object to.

What I am seeing is that we all want to be safe, happy, and financially stable, but we are allowing the self not to see the duality of suffering and happiness as we are pushing away one to obtain the other when together they are the construct of the one.

We need to look at the problem, and burn into it, then rise from the ashes and rebuild, or we are just changing from unturned damaged soil which will inevitably need to be treated and cultivated for fresh growth, and therefore REAL change, or, change that is changeless.

There was a study/research that took place in New York City where the crime was bad and a group of monks were asked to meditate on the high crime rate and it significantly lowered, I don't know the whole movement of this study but I see and I am aware of the results. What's clear is, imagine what every man, woman, and child can do collectively… hence get full control of humanity before humanity finds control of itself.


The Cleaning

We can change our reality if we create mass group meditations all focusing on the same change or we can continue to be directed while we play our roles getting nowhere only where we are directed to

I believe we have to give up all things that require production/control from our leaders.

That means giving up grasping…for things, stuff, and experiences outside ourselves. Leaving our homes is what's needed to find land where we can live as a community, learn to grow food, and develop an understanding of the energies around us to create accessible safe energy sources for all.

We're aware of the GREAT RESET, and we are willing to acquiesce to bring forth change for our leaders and the wealthy, while suffering continues to drive their establishments and structures.

But we won't make those decisions for ourselves, together, as we are divided and they are not, hence why 1–2% of them have control and power manifesting all their desires even if we fight against them. And 98–99% of us are separated and fractured…why can't we see this truth and come together to make a change?

As long as we lose ourselves in their platforms, structures and establishments we keep their togetherness intact and our division further apart and harder to come as one.

This control has been happening since beings could think, but now we are aware of this fact, we will do nothing, and continue living in fear, of their fact...

We together keep this world running through our hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, which means we are the industries and establishments. Whether we are paid well or not, together we are the 99% but most of us can't see this truth while in a disco ball covered with illusions and reflections of itself and its surroundings.

The problem is we want this change within the structure we are in because we are too comfortable within "Plato's cave" like our jobs and lifestyles… and the world establishment knows this fact and leaves us choosing our livelihood over our health, keeping us even more attached to the illusion of ME, and making it easy to make the wrong decisions which egoically, always feels right.

In other words, giving up our energy/time for money.

Eg: "A Cock to Asclepius" or we owe an outstanding debt to Asclepius for giving up our spirituality and physical health, for money/time.
There are many websites that explain this truth, but it is also our duty, just like an awakening, to decipher and clearly see this truth ourselves. I hope this stepping stone will guide you're being to the next step of awareness. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6402746/

The structure of this material realm is what has formed us and we need to return to the formless to make a real change, not change so we can keep our jobs, go on holiday again, eat at a fancy restaurant, buy more gadgets, or have a drink at a bar, but a changeless change that has no name just a feeling that dances with all things.

In a later publication of my seeing, I would like us to be aware of the "Naming of Things" as this is a filter to our seeing that needs to be seen and felt before attention can be moved away from it, to see the whole as one.


Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

I Am That…

Our happiness is ever-present just like the blue sky and our problems, experiences and feelings are just like the clouds, and they come and go never staying long but long enough to witness.

So nothing can make us happy as we are always happy.

This is why things or stuff including upgrades were created, to keep me unsatisfied and always grasping. The happy feeling I had for my eg: first mobile phone is the same happy feeling or experience I will have for the next upgrade, and if I think this phone, thing or relationship, etc will make me happy then every time I am with that person or thing I will always be happy…right?

So I see that nothing can make us happy? happiness is always within us and it is through this deep awareness of our joy that we create meaningful changes in our lives.

We also think that our world [part of it], our experiences, culture, and religion is all there is or better than, and it is that, that creates war, hunger, and suffering.


gr8effect Dimitris Christou • Age 44 • Athens/Greece Pixabay.com

look at the world as a diamond, it's beautiful, isn't it? but now focus on just one facet, like you do every moment unconsciously, in your part of the world.

See your viewpoints, experiences, beliefs, and culture…now where is the diamond now?… You have put your attention on one point of view and disregarded the whole and it is because of all facets that it creates the beautiful diamond/world you see and live in today.

Your part of the world/experiences is not the observation of the whole world and all its contents are just what you have been conditioned to…then you believe, and so it will be.

With the majority collectively thinking the same from different points of view and experiences, I find this brings about a sense of self for no other than yourself which creates separation, disagreements, war, and suffering for today, tomorrow, and even 10yrs from now.

"We must learn to listen before we listen with the ears that CAN listen"

I send only love, filled with peace and happiness, to you and all your loved

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