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Living Authentically to Live a Fulfilling and Joyful Life

Jun 22, 2021

The impact of social media on our youth has definitely contributed to the self-absorbed society that we are living in. It seems like people across the globe are becoming more individualistic over time, as opposed to collectivism where people were more focused on working together as a community and family-oriented. Research has also shown a rise in narcissism, where people are becoming more selfish and self-centred. As a result, people have become more focused on individual success and on how many likes and followers they get on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other forms of social media. This lead to people becoming more fake and superficial to ensure that they are liked and accepted by others.

Economic development correlates to the shift toward an individualistic society, leading to a greater sense of self-reliance and detachment from others. While social media seems like it helps us connect with others, it comes with the undesirable effect of isolation and feeling inferior to others. People end up comparing themselves to what is shown on their news feeds, rather than feeling grateful for what they have. This leaves them feeling more disconnected and lowers their vibration, which affects their productivity and sense of self-worth. Most people seem to be unaware of these negative effects and got hooked on these kinds of apps, leaving them glued to their devices and too concerned with how the world perceives them.

When you are concerned with how others perceive you, you will find it more difficult to be authentic and be your true self. Naturally, people don’t like to feel rejected, and this is a trait which we inherited from our ancestors. Back in the days, being rejected by your community or tribe meant that you are an outcast, and this was a legitimate threat to your survival. In today’s world, it’s a different story, but this kind of psychological fear leaves people vulnerable and drives them to do just about anything to be liked by their peers.

What most people seem to miss is that success, fame and being liked by others does not lead to authentic happiness. Being validated by others gives us an ego boost, and people seem to become addicted to this kind of feeling and end up always wanting more to feel good about themselves. This is dangerous for obvious reasons, as if your self-worth is based on how others perceive you, it can be easily shaken off since others have this kind of power over you.

On the contrary, when you are able to recognize your self-worth and know how valuable you are, you feel empowered to speak your truth and be authentic. Being authentic and following your heart also results in success, but the kind of success that fills your heart with joy and makes you feel fulfilled. When people become successful just to be liked by others and feel validated, it leaves them feeling empty inside and always wanting more.

We have seen celebrities who had the opportunity to experience this and learn from it like Jim Carrey and Russel Brand. They both were living a life which they thought would make them happy, but left them feeling empty and unfulfilled.

**‘’I hope everybody could get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer’’ – Jim Carrey.

Why authenticity leads to success and fulfilment in life and relationships:

Ego VS Soul

These two are always working against each other. Ego only cares about being liked and validated, and it keeps you in your comfort zone as it likes feeling safe and secure. So by following social constructs and guidelines, it feels reassured that it will get noticed and accepted.

Our soul is the most authentic part of us and is indifferent of who likes us or who doesn’t. Soul is fearless and carries personal power, authentic love, and happiness which are essential to thrive in life. When we allow our intuitive side which comes from the soul to have power over our ego and takes over, we find fulfilment and a love that goes beyond any materialistic thing gained by ego.

Being authentic is the deepest form of self-love

You might ask how could someone who is rich and successful could be unhappy and empty inside? Or you might ask, how could someone who looks so beautiful with so many fans struggles with self-love and acceptance?

Having a large bank account or a large fan base is irrelevant when it comes to happiness. Authenticity does not only provide outward success, but fills your heart with self-love and happiness from within. You feel empowered to share who you are with the world, you let your light shine through you which leads to fulfilling your soul purpose.

Attracting the right people in your life

If you are always trying to fit in and forcing yourself to hang out with people who do not seem to be on the same frequency as you, you will end up feeling isolated and disconnected. This will also hold you back from being more successful and from building healthy and authentic relationships.

When you are not scared of showing who you really are, you attract the right people in your life. Being aligned with your truth can only result in attracting similar, like-minded people who will help you grow and thrive in your environment. When you are surrounded with people who align with your authentic self, you will find that synchronicities and opportunities seem to fall into your lap, which make it easier for you to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

Survival of the fittest

People seem to mistake the fact that focusing on themselves and forgetting about others means that they will be successful, as they are living in a survival of the fittest kind of world. This kind of mentality is also reflected in the kind of world we are living in, where humans are focused on taking more for themselves without thinking about long-term sustainability. We are destroying our own home, our own planet which we make part of, and we forget that we need mother nature to function in order for us to have a healthy habitat. Instead, we keep working against it rather than thinking of ways of how we can live together in a holistic environment.

Living authentically and holistically

Being authentic means that you are connected with your true self, and this cultivates a sense of connectedness to all beings. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean that you lose your sense of compassion and disregard others.

When we help each other out and work together, it cultivates a sense of fulfilment and joy in our hearts. We feel more connected and appreciated, and encourages us to be more grateful for what we have, leaving us feeling blessed and abundant. Moreover, when we work together we are stronger and more powerful, it’s just how nature works. When all species collaborate together, nature works better.

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