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Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Running

Jul 11, 2023
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I’ve always enjoyed running. I love the feeling of being able to just lace on my shoes and go. And the way my mind runs free as my feet carry the rest of my body forward.

The sensation of each step hitting the pavement has felt like pure pain at times and pure bliss at others.

But knowing my body was capable of carrying me as far as it has on some days has always given me a sense of freedom and empowerment. And some of the deepest thoughts I’ve had and the most beautiful lessons I’ve learned have come out of all the miles I logged on the road - with nothing but me and my thoughts pounding against the pavement (and sometimes a good podcast).

Such as the fact that some days feel like a sprint while others feel more like a marathon. In both cases, preparation is key to having a good race.
Go at your own pace. Trying to keep up with others will only slow you down in the long run and in some cases, force you to drop out of the race before you reach the finish line. 🚫

Not everyone will cheer you on or wave back at you when you wave first…keep waving anyway and be your own biggest cheerleader.

Not everyone will understand why you’re out there, especially on the brutally hot days and the freezing cold days. Some will even think you’re crazy (and tell you that).

But grit and resilience are usually forged in extreme conditions - not the moderate ones. So go ahead and be the crazy one. 💃🏻

Running on a flat road may feel easier, but it won’t train you for the hills…and eventually you’re going to have to go up a hill (or few).

Don’t underestimate the power of rest and recovery. 💕

Sometimes you need to run by yourself, other times you need to run with others.

Even the most beautiful and scenic paths can have their share of hidden dangers. ⛔️

You won’t always set a new PR or crush your goals- and that’s okay.

If you only focus on crossing the finish line you may end up missing the most beautiful parts of the journey along the way. 🫶

Injuries and detours may seem like setbacks but they’re usually a signal to slow down and notice parts of your life you may have been ignoring or overlooking.

Just because other people think it's easy for you doesn’t mean it actually is. Celebrate yourself for making it look easy. 👏

No matter how far you go or how hard you work, someone will always think you could’ve gone farther or done more. Unless you aspire to be more like that someone - ignore them.

And the lesson I got on today’s run may be my favorite one yet, you can’t show up at your best until you’re willing to show up at your worst. Repeatedly. And love your worst just as much as you do your best. ❤️

As always,

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Philip Ebuluofor10mo ago

Yeah, I do that each Thursday and I think that that day each weeks is always better than others days. Warms everything, every department of your body. Fine work here.

Bilal Ali10mo ago

Great article!

Things holding me from running is the fear I'll hurt myself or become short of breath. The important thing is to keep moving forward. Rest is just as important as training.