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Let Go Of Clothes That Weight You Down

May 22, 2021
Abi Khait
Core Spirit member since May 19, 2021
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Let’s face the truth. We have more clothes than we need. Our wardrobes are overflowing with items that we rarely wear. Some garments are old and dear, and we cannot find the courage to let them go. Others are forgotten and stored so far back into the closet that we never wear them. Regardless of the reason, we end up with more than we can wear. The clutter and overly packed wardrobes weigh us down, robbing us of our time and energy.

The good news is we are in charge, and we have the power to turn things around. The key is to regularly and thoughtfully review the clothes we have to free ourselves of clutter. The goal is to maintain a healthy wardrobe that brings joy, excitement, and efficiency.

Clothes Have Power

Clothes keep our memories, unspoken truths, and fears. We remember our lives by the garments we wear. It takes one glance at a dress to spark the memories of a great date or an awkward meeting. Clothes remind us of our lives, and it makes sense that it is hard to let them go even if they no longer work for us.

But letting go of clothes is critical. By clearing our wardrobe, we clear our minds. We free ourselves from memories that are holding us back. We create space for new and exciting pieces that will propel us forward, creating new memories. The memories that, with time, will grow dear, just like the ones you are holding on to right now.

Think of old clothes as your life experience. We learn from our experiences and gain fresh perspectives to move forward. So are clothes. It is part of our lives at that moment. But as we grow and move forward, our clothes need to evolve too. It needs to represent who we are in the new moment. Style and clothes need to change to communicate to the world that you have changed.

So, get in there. Pull out all the clothes you have, and let’s clear the path to fresh, thoughtful, and exciting garments that represent who you are now. Not who you used to be. The younger you is valuable and dear, but the new you is even more exciting. Why not show that off? Why not share with the rest of the world who you have become.
I have a whole post on how to clean out your wardrobe space. Follow the link to read more: Five Highly Effective Steps To Declutter Your Closet This Spring

Let Go Of

Clothes That Do Not Fit

Clothes that do not fit sadly but thoughtfully must be let go. I know that some pieces are dear to our hearts, and we want to hold on to them. But there is no point in keeping clothes that do not fit.

Let’s be honest. We will not wear that old blouse or pair of jeans. Yes, we might want to because it would take us back a decade or two. Bring back lovely memories of carefree life, but they will not suit us or work for our bodies. So let go. It is the single best thing you can do. Let go of old memories and things that are holding you back to create new memories.

Clothes You Have Not Worn

I like this neat trick: if you have not worn an item in a year, it is time to let go. I know this is a brutal rule, but it is simple and effective. Why hold on to clothes that hang in your wardrobe, take up space, and serve no purpose other than taking space.

Let’s think for a second about this. Every day we go to our wardrobe to get dressed. We spend time sliding hangers or flipping through a stack of clothes to find what we need. We spend time and energy every day flipping through items that we do not want to wear.

Would not it be better to donate or sell these clothes to someone who would enjoy wearing them? It will put a little extra money into your pocket, declutter your wardrobe, save time and energy.

Clothes That Do Not Fit Your Style

Some items are adorable, cute, stylish, and yet we do not wear them. They look fabulous on a hanger but not on us. And each time, we stare at them, trying to figure out what is not working. After wasting ten minutes of trying out some combinations, we give up and move on to our go-to pieces.

It is essential to recognize the odd items that we like but never wear. They can be chic and fabulous, but that does not justify their presence in our closets. Clothes that no longer suit our style must go.

How can we tell what still works?

Well, let’s start with simple questions:
\* Do you like it?
\* Are you excited to wear it?

If the answers are no, then this was simple. Donation pile!

If the answers are yes, try pairing an item in question with a few of your go-to pieces. See how the item works with jeans, pants, skirts, sweaters, and blazers that you wear daily. It will be easy to notice if the piece is not working for you. You might not be into sparkles, big prints, bright colors, or embroidery anymore. And that is OK.

The key here is to identify what you love to wear. Not what you think you would wear. But what you truly enjoy wearing. What makes you comfortable in your skin, what energizes you and gives you confidence.

The Right Clothes

The right clothes have the power to energize, motivate, excite, and elevate. And this will not happen if our closets are full of old clothes that no longer work for us. The old items take up space, waste time, and clutter our brains. We need to take charge and clean up our physical and mental space. Allow for the fresh tide to come in to energize our lives. A new pair of perfectly fit jeans and a white tee will make you feel like million bucks. A new summer dress will make you feel like a queen.

So please do not cut yourself short. We have one life to live. We deserve to enjoy life fully, be happy, and move forward with the smallest baggage possible.

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