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Apr 26, 2021
Joseph Evans
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Many people nowadays suffer from spider nets of veins on their legs. This net damages not only your appearance but also your health. A blood clot or open sores on your legs is a common outcome of this problem.

Why we have it?

Luckily, there is a treatment that will not only fade the net but also let you get rid of the pain and risk of future problems.

The cause of varicose and spider veins is in our blood cells. When the blood cells are strong they go back to our heart. When they weaken they lost their direction and create additional pressure in veins. That is how it works. Varicose is common among people who stand and sit almost all day,

pregnancy and ageing also have their influence, hormones, sun raises and injuries can also be a reason.

How to take care of spider veins?

- There are a few tips and idea of what to do to heal your legs or at least make its life easier:

- Exercise

- Go for a short walk after 30min of sitting and standing

- Elevate legs

- Do not spend a lot of time in the bath

- Wear compression stockings

What are the procedures that help?

1. Sclerotherapy

The doctor pushes chemicals in your veins to irritate them. The compression stockings are put on and the doctor gives you a massage. Sclerotherapy causes the walls of the vein to stick together and improves blood flow in veins.

After this procedure, you can be back to normal activities the next day, but you still have to follow aftercare rules such as stockings wearing, walks, and exercises. The healing takes 3-6 weeks for spider veins and 3 – 4 months for varicose.

2. Laser treatments

As obvious your veins are treated by directing laser raises to your veins. After the procedure, the veins might disappear immediately or became darker and disappear in few weeks.

Before the procedure, you should not be under the sun in 2-4 weeks to prevent pigmentation. The complete healing will take up to 1 year if no additional procedures are done.

The aftercare is the same as the previous method.

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, each patient has to book an appointment and undergo a physical test. Due to the test dermatologist might say if vein treatment good for you and will harm you. If it is alright that the doctor will find out which procedure suits you best.

Joseph Evans
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