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In case you needed a reminder to keep going - here it is!

Nov 10, 2023
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No matter what your life may look like right at this moment — you have the strength, the resilience, and the power to create the life you want. You just have to be willing to believe in yourself and stop playing it safe. Be open to new experiences and opportunities and learn to embrace change instead of avoiding it.

And this part is really important — if things don’t work out the way you had hoped (which WILL happen, it happens to all of us!) don’t beat yourself up with thoughts of “I knew this wouldn’t work” or “I should’ve known this would happen” and then use that as an excuse to go back to the way you were.

That is the BIGGEST mistake I see people making when things don’t go as planned.

Your brain will be looking for reasons to keep you where you are — not because it’s better for you but because it’s easier and keeps you in your comfort zone.
The brain is wired for survival, and it finds safety in the familiar. So, your comfort zone is essentially your brain’s safe haven where risks are minimized.
Which is why change can feel SO hard at times.

When you hit a snag or face failure, your brain sees it as a threat and naturally wants to retreat to what’s known and safe, hence pulling you back to your comfort zone to avoid further discomfort or perceived danger.

However, facing and overcoming challenges is where real growth happens. Recognizing the brain’s tendency and consciously choosing to push through the discomfort, despite the brain’s initial resistance, is key to forming new, beneficial habits and making progress on your goals and dreams.
Remember, setbacks aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They’re a normal part of life. You’re human after all, and it’s okay to stumble and even fall along the way. And true success doesn’t come from avoiding every fall (no baby would ever learn to walk if that was the case), it comes from getting back up after each fall and continuing to walk anyway.

So, keep walking friends, your dreams are closer than you think and as you continue walking towards them, know that they’re also walking towards you.
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