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Importance And Relevance Of Yoga In The Contemporary World
Mar 29, 2018

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Well, Yoga is quite an ancient subject, but over the recent times, it has gained more popularity than before. This is due to the quest for survival. Nowadays, humans are facing both physical as well as psychological stress, and they are so badly trapped that even if they want to get rid of it they are just helpless. You all must be aware and agree as well that Yoga helps you in attaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

What Does The Term “Yoga” Mean?

The term “Yoga” itself has been originated from the Sanskrit term “Yog”, meaning, ‘to join’ or ‘unite’. Thousands of years ago, Yoga was discovered in India and the rishis (sage) used to practice this art in order to keep their senses in control and stay in peace. This is also an art of meditation and helps to gain an insight into oneself. Ancient people also related such things to God, which the modern science claims to be absolute scientific, without looking into the history, this is what Yoga has given to the world.

Why We Need Yoga In Today’s Life? Now, to leave everything apart, if we talk about today, people are just so occupied, some with work, some without. So much of competition is there that people have actually forgotten about their personal lives, which has been left behind due to professionalism. There is so much of bluffing, back-stabbing, leg pulling, especially in the corporate sector and now life has all together been about ‘The Survival of the Fittest’. Life has become a race and all are running at the same pace. They feel the repercussions much later in life, when they have nothing to lose.

Hence, you need to wake up before it is too late and start talking and spending time with yourself, instead of enjoying the parties and going to the clubs. Youngsters are even worse victims. When they find no solution, they get into the habit of smoking and drinking and even drugs at times. Later on, when they have hardly any time left, they are busy emptying their pockets to the psychiatrists or doctors.

Importance Of Yoga In Today’s World

However, nowadays, people have realised the valued and importance of Yoga in their life and are doing everything possible to practice it. Many schools and colleges, along with health-related courses are promoting the same because of the rise in the multiple problems which are hitting the scene.

Yoga has an overall benefit, and there are hundreds of asanas varying from various levels - starting from beginners and continuing till the expert level. From head to toe, you name any ailment, and YES! Yoga has the correct answer to all your queries. It helps you in complete rejuvenation and also relaxes your senses. At one point of time, when your mind is in the middle of nowhere, and you become clueless, Yoga is the best medicine. But yes, you must take an expert advice before the onset of any asana. Only then will you enjoy performing the asanas. So, just enjoy and stay healthy, eat healthy and have a happy mind by following Yoga in your day-to-day life.

by Boldsky

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