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I'm My Own Life Coach

Dec 9, 2023
Katrina Lippolis
Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2023
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I'm my own life coach.

Who knows me better than I know me?

Like everything else I've learned in my adult life, I am self taught.

Every experience I've gone through was a lesson that I was destined to go through. All the good and all the bad was meant to happen.
Heartbreaks, sadness, depression, stress, anxiety... All led me to being a stronger person.

I used to dwell knee deep in my own suffering.

The pain was unbearable. I attempted to end my life many times because of that infuriating state of mind that I could not get away from.

Or at least thought I couldn't get away from.

Constantly doubting myself -- Denying myself a chance of existing. Pretending I'm not here. I was in that "woe is me" stage and I hated it.
I couldn't stand feeling weighed down. Those burdens felt so so so heavy. Cutting off the circulation to my brain... Interfering with my breathing.
I was tired and had no reason to live.

It took me over 30 years to defeat those demons. Those stupid, maniacal voices in my head that didn't shut up until I MADE them shut up.

I decided to take control.

I swear, the moment I stood up to the nastiness within me, it began to dissolve until it completely disappeared.

Finding myself in a state of happiness, always. I don't let anything stress me out anymore. When I feel a little down, I play music and dance like
no one is watching. It raises the vibrations in the body. Elevating the heart and mind. Also, lighting incense for a little aromatherapy.

Going from worrying about petty things to being overcome with joy.

I love to smile.

People have known me for smiling a lot but there is a difference between smiling just to seem friendly and smiling genuinely.
I am the latter anymore. My smiles are genuine.

Meditation, self care, enjoying my own company has helped me so much these last few months.

Learning to take care of myself. Because if I'm not in the right head-space for myself, how could I be in the right head-space for another?
That is why it's so important for us as human beings to take a break from the world (i.e. social media).
Shut it off for a moment and have some alone time.

It's not selfish. It's not being stubborn. You are reflecting on yourself. Looking into the mirror reciting affirmations, being true to your soul.
Alleviating stress, becoming less depressed and anxious. Growing in mental, emotional and physical abundance in order to function properly.

So yes, I am my own life coach.

I love where my state of mind resides anymore.

I love who I'm becoming.

My journey isn't over.

This is only the beginning.

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