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Idea Generation in Menstruation

Aug 23, 2021
Keeva Dagg
Core Spirit member since Aug 4, 2021
Reading time 3 min.

How can you manifest authentic ideas? Menstruation is here to support you! As we invite in the experience of menstruation, the gifts are endless. It calls us to slow down and spend more time listening. Easier said than done for many people! If this is hard for you, you are absolutely not alone. With understanding more about what this phase in your cycle has to offer you, there may be more motivation to listen to the inclinations of your physical body.

Disclaimer in the beginning, as I speak about this flow of ideas, I want to point out that this is experienced as part of the menstrual cycle. An egg is released which stimulates the building of the lining of the womb. Fourteen days after ovulation if fertilisation has not occurred, the lining sheds. This sequence is not what happens for women taking artificial hormones in the form of mediation, injection, or IUD. These stop the cyclical flow to prevent pregnancy.

Cycling naturally is all together a wild experience! Flowing from being one person one week, to a different one the next. If we resist this flow, we face inner turmoil and ailments within the body. Allowing yourself to be how you are in each moment and each day, invites the gifts of being a cyclical human to reveal themselves to you. Let’s start with how menstruation can support you in being your most authentic self.

When the lining is being released, we are spiralled all the way inwards toward ourselves. It is the easiest time in the cycle to tune into your body and see what it wants to share with you. Energy levels drop to encourage us to slow down and look within. To embrace this phase, it takes slowing right down. Breathing and relaxing. The feminine intuitive voice within waits for invitation to speak with you.

It is a powerful act to slow down in this time, meditate, and take out a paper and pen. Flow writing can provide an in-depth understanding of what emotions you are working with at the moment. Once you breathe into and express those emotions, we start to be able to tap into the ideas during this time. Emotions come first because they are the water. We need to drain away the water to support our internal fire in getting going.

The more you can surrender to menses, the more ideas you will receive. Using mantras such as “Show me the way” and “Speak through me”, state to the universe that you are bowing to the energies that flow through you. You are powerfully stating you wish to be of service. From this receptive state the universe will then give you assignments and projects. Completely original ideas will visit you in your dreams and waking life.

Write them down. During menses is not the time to act on these things. The energy is not available yet to flow with them. Instead document them, draw them, share gratitude for receiving them. You can relax because you know that in the dynamic phase that comes after menses, you will be given the energy to organise all that has come through you. Essentially you are going to make a plan on how you will create these things that have been shown to you.

This can look like making a schedule for creating the ideas, setting up a meeting with someone to gain more information, or releasing some things off of your plate to make space in your life. After that you will travel through the extraverted ovulation phase and then go into the creative premenstrual phase. Both of which will further help you bring those ideas and concepts into the physical world.

Each month as women, we create a lining in the womb space. We are taking energy and manifesting it into something physical within ourselves and then we release it each month. Constantly creating, and shedding. A spiritual journey of getting closer to ourselves and deepening our connection with mother earth. Open up to the wisdom and power of this time by surrendering and listening to the whispers of your soul.

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