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Jan 27, 2021
Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
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How to visualize to self heal? Heal disease, Pimples?, immunity?, Skin?, Family?

In the Indian epic Mahabharata, the wife of Driddrashtra (the blind) named as Gandhari (the princess of Gandhar in the current North West Pakistan) tied her eyes with a cloth to dedicate her life as a blind woman for her husband. She had 100 sons and 1 daughter, her eldest son was Duryodhana. They were considered Kauravas (Kuru vansh) and their opposite was Pandavas (Pandu vansh).

As Lord Krishna was from the side of Pandavas and they were facing victory in the war. Gandhari called her son Duryodhana to come before her naked so that she can remove her blind fold and gaze him to make his body immune to weapons. Although he obeyed he was brain washed by Krishna, the strategist, that it is not right to go naked in front of his mother.

So he ties banana leaf and goes in front of his mother and when she opens her eyes, uses her power of visualization to make him immune but couldn’t make his hips and thighs immune and that marks the end of Duryodhana , where his enemy Bhima breaks his thigh with a mace in the war.

From the above story, we get to know the power of visualization and healing or making someone immune. In further study, we will understand how to implement it in our lives.

The power of repetition

If we say or affirm a particular phrase or a video only once it would stay only for a particular period. So if you repeat it again and again it registers in your subconscious mind and shifts your paradigm. Along with it, one should take the actions to achieve the desired results. So daily, if one can repeat with focus for 2 to 3 hrs a day, then you could make a difference in your life.

“Whatever mode of treatment one adopts, the mind, in a large measure will determine the outcome.”- The second coming of Christ by Sri Yoganand.

Everything is in the mind and it starts there with the kind of information we gather from the surroundings. It can be any locked up emotion from the

childhood or as the person grows up. Here is where a therapist comes in the picture; he or she can help you in healing yourself up.

When you have hindrances like doubt, depression, anger, fear it hampers the flow of energy with us from the universe.

Therefore visualizing yourself in a positive way will help you to heal and restore yourself.

Healing rays or energy can restore the disorder in the internal system at a microscopic level from the size of an atom. There are lots of healing powers in the early morning sun’s rays as well.

Healing happens when you have a deeper level of concentration and the kind of energy you choose to focus on. Human body has a continuous flow of energy and when we start to focus on a particular idea it activates kinetic energy which implies that the kind of thoughts we possess must be productive for us.

An example to visualize is by imagining a golden light passing through your body and focusing on the areas where you need to heal.

This is possible if you have a good intent without any self-doubt and if you have a self-doubt then you can pray to god. It is similar to praying your subconscious mind.

When you start thinking about something with golden light and ingest it in your subconscious mind then it has to accept it and manifest it. The kind of pictures you possess in your mind will reflect in your life.

Whatever is the area you feel lack like money, relationship or if you want to get rid of a particular fear you can use the power of visualization and the pictures that you possess. You can reduce the size of the picture which reduces negativity and you can magnify the picture that you want to manifest.

Consider yourself eating your favourite dish, visualize it, your salivary glands are activated and when you imagine your dish with insects then your reflexes will come into action.

Similarly if you want to increase height, heal your body, or any stress then you can use the power of visualization with pictures that magnify your performance. You can fix a particular height range and repeat it again and again for a longer duration with emotions will help you achieve your goal. You can refer the video of Joshua Tongol increasing the height of his client’s limb.

If you have any problem in visualizing then undergo a therapy from a therapist.


Laavanya Kumar Shrivastava

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Thanks Eva

I wouldn't want to be predictive here however in certain cases when people are not able to visualise or Start Attracting exactly the opposite of what they want…. It can be coming from childhood issues, hearing inner voices of a critique in form of parents…or some authoritative voice saying something bad will happen if……. In coming times I will guide you on parts integration…. It is an easy and a wonderful technique. There are times when mentally emotionally we know what's right for us and we want to manifest it…. However a part of us doesn't want it and creates fear. The subconcious is serving you since the beginning of the time and it knows what all you have been through… If it internally senses danger ⚡ it will create fear, resistance and raise doubts. Remember it's the part of you serving you.


Eva Glain3y ago

Hello! Thank You so much for such a great article! I truly believe in the power of healing and try to practice it. But sometimes I will be followed by obsessive thoughts that something is wrong with me. For example, if I feel pain in some part of my body, I immediately start thinking about the worst and cannot control it. Could it be that inadvertently with the help of visualization, we can, on the contrary, harm our health?

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