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How to Meditate On Your Lunch Break — Tips by a Meditation Expert

Mar 29, 2018
Rita Summers
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Space is so important. Not externally but internally. When we create space in our minds, slow down or stop the incessant stream of thoughts, we gain massive clarity, increase focus, boost our energy levels, feel happier and become super-productive. The key to creating space is meditation. If you don’t meditate, now is the perfect time to start.

You should be able to meditate anywhere and use the noises you hear in your environment to go deeper, everything should be utilised to your advantage and nothing accepted as an annoying distraction. If you lead a busy life a short meditation at lunch time is a must for you. Here is short guide that will offer you the peace, energy and space you need to rejuvenate, so you can work and create magic through the rest of the day.

Find a space. Anywhere. A bench, the grass, under a tree, even in the canteen at work.

• Close your eyes.

• Breathe deeply and slowly and watch and feel the breath moving in and out of your body

• Imagine a tornado of electric blue light swirling around the outside of your body, filling up your space.

• As it swirls around you, start breathing in this electric blue colour. This is energy, calming, healing energy. Breathe this light into your body and see it move through your face, down your neck into your shoulders and start to flow through out your entire body.

• Continue to breathe deeper and deeper, still following that breath as another part of your awareness sees and feels the electric blue light. See it flow through every atom, every molecule of your physical body.

• Once you are completely full with this light, in your mind say Thank You.

• Now, in your mind visualise a door. A large wooden door.

• Walk through this door and on the other side you will find yourself in a large field. Look around that field and you will find a large oak tree.

• Walk up to that oak tree, sit beside down in front of it and lie back against it. You will become aware of the trees strength and power as it starts to heal you.

• Stay in this space observing your body, feeling the tree, observing any thoughts in your own mind, hearing any noises in your environment and then letting it all pass. Observe with zero attachment.

• Stay in this space for a few minutes and then walk back through the field, through the door and back into your space.

• Open your eyes and feel the vibration inside of you. Take a few minutes to look around the park, the city, your canteen; wherever it was you sat or lay down to do this meditation. Watch and observe without labelling anything in your environment. Watch the thoughts inside of your own head and know, those thoughts are not necessarily your own. They could be the mental chatter of the ego or thoughts from others around you. Remember we are all connected.

This entire process from the moment you sit to the observation of your environment until the end can be done within 5 minutes. You can spend longer if you wish but I recommend trying to give yourself 15 minutes, this will leave you rejuvenated and ready for action. I ask my clients to do this every day for 21 days and they notice increases in energy levels and productivity.

Jerry Sargeant/GQ

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Thanks for this guide. I am having a problem in this regard. I can usually meditate either in the morning or in the evening before bed. I will use your methods!