How to boost your memory and learning speed?
Jun 24, 2023

How to boost your memory and learning speed?

Infrequently, you'll meet somebody who's a godlike student with a memory matching that of an elephant. They'll have the option to rehash a mind boggling task after just seeing it once, or communicate in an unknown dialect quickly by any means.

However, most of us need to work with what we have. Fortunately, there are ways of working on our recollections - which is uplifting news, as quick learning and the capacity to remember have become more significant than any other time in recent memory.

Here’s the key message: Use neurohacking to boost your memory and learning speed.

Being a fast learner with a good memory is key to personal and professional success. First off, a good memory saves time. If you speak a foreign language fluently, you don’t need to stop midway through a conversation in that language to confer with Google Translate.

Second, these qualities inspire confidence. How would you feel if your surgeon had to stop during your operation and consult YouTube videos?

Third, being able to learn quickly will be increasingly important in the future. As artificial intelligence promises to make many low- and semi-skilled jobs redundant, it’s expected that millions of people will have changed jobs by the year 2030. Those who are able to pick up new skills quickly will adapt best to this new world.

If you don’t have the best memory or learning capacity, this future can seem like a daunting prospect. Happily, neurohacking can help you improve. First, of course, you should test your baseline skill so you can measure improvement.

To test your baseline memory ability, get someone you know to write down 20 random words. Then, using a timer, look at the 20 words for one minute. Try to lock in as many as you can. After the minute is up, cover the word list. Next, take a break for a minute – don’t think about the words! When your break is done, set the timer for another minute and try to recall as many words as you can.

To improve your memory and learning skills, there are some excellent spaced-repetition apps that will exercise your brain. The free flashcard app Anki is perfect for this, but you can use physical flashcards if you prefer. Then pick a topic that excites you – a new language or a scientific discipline, for instance.

Study this way for 15 minutes each day . Then, when you feel ready, test your baseline knowledge again by seeing how many words you recall on your chosen topic. You might be surprised by your progress!

Thank you so much for reading!

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