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How Do Your Feet Hit the Floor Each Morning?

Oct 26, 2021
Reading time 4 min.

A few seconds every morning, awakening consciousness looks through your eyes.
There’s no “you” in this moment, not yet, there's just seeing - hearing.
There’s peace, calm, a feeling of everything being okay.
This is the tiny time-frame before the thinking mind starts firing. Have you caught it?

Think back to this morning, what was the driving force that lifted your body from the bed?
Can you remember the first thoughts?
Where was your identity as a "person" in these thoughts?

“I" have to get up, now, or I’ll be late for work”; “I’d better go check…”; “I wish I didn’t have to…”; “If only I could lie here for another couple of hours”; “What’s for breakfast?”.

What were the emotions that followed those thoughts as you rose from your resting place
(Irritation, Anxiety, Sadness, Disappointment, Excitement)?

What happened to that comfy sense of peace? Where did it go?

Can we hold onto this perfect peace?
Can we prolong this sense of wide-eyed wonder, this feeling of care-free floating with the natural rhythm of Life?

Have we considered that the emotions we feel have little to do with whatever is happening “out there” in the world,
but a result of “the world” coming into being when the thinking mind wakes up to high-jack our attention?

Where was the world while we slept?
Where was the sense of “I-as-human-personality or little me” while we were sleeping?
Where was the thinking mind? Hmmm....thinking mind and world appear and disappear together.

What if we could rock that sense of peace all day long, uninterrupted by any external events, no matter which situations arise?

The next morning you awaken, see if you can catch that moment of inherent Glory where all is well and all is clear -
without thought.

Marvel and revel in it.
The thinking mind will inevitably fire.
We can use any of several techniques designed to turn the mind’s attention inwards rather than attaching to the
thoughts that signal the mind is moving outwards. We can turn the mind inwards by focusing our attention on the
inner energy field of the body. Imagine lying in bed.

Now turn up your sensory perception like a dial from 0 to 10.
Feel the coolness of the sheets, the snuggly-ness of the comforter, feel the air on your cheeks,
listen for any sounds and follow them to the moment they trail off into silence.

Without moving your hands, without looking at them, see if you can determine if your hands “are still there”.
You’ll be feeling the aliveness within them, the inner energy field of your body coursing through your hands.
See if you can feel the inner aliveness of other parts of your body.

Go deeply into feeling this inner energy – this will pause the thinking mind.
You’ll have pulled energy from the thinking mind and directed into your body.
You can follow your breath with your attention, focus on the inhalation then the exhalation.
As you become Present, the thinking mind stills.

Feel the sweetness of being conscious, without thinking.
This is tuning into the Truth of Who You Are as consciousness, as Being, without the identification with the
personality, the egoic little me, the human identity attached to thoughts. If Awareness of the Now moment wavers,
the thinking mind will come back in and you’ll notice its thoughts.

You can choose to follow those thoughts or allow them to pass by like a twirling leaf on the swirling current of a stream.
The more we disengage from thoughts, the less their vibrational “stickiness” or attachment. This is similar to meditation practice, disregarding the thinking mind’s momentum. With practice, Presence "power" grows and Awareness deepens. Thoughts have a lesser hold on our attention, less able to impact our sense of peace.

How do your feet hit the floor each morning?
Give this direct way of experiencing your Beingness a try.
How does this compare to past ways when thoughts seemed to drive us from peaceful slumber?

Why does this matter?
This attunement to the deepest “I” (before attachment to thoughts “I am man, I am woman, this is my place in the world)
is the very wellspring of contentment. This deepest "I" is the source, our Source. Bathe in this Source first thing in the
morning and let your feet lightly touch the ground for a day of amazing discovery. There are no boundaries for this peace.
It is the "peace that passeth understanding" according to the words of Christ, a peace that words cannot describe yet it can be directly experienced.

The very Truth of Who We Are, this Peace cannot resist our earnest invitation to delight in the discovery of Itself.

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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