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Use Palo Santo to Cleanse Your Thoughts

Mar 15, 2021
Demi Powell
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Palo Santo is obtained from a tree that belongs to the citrus family and is closely related to Frankincense, Copal, and Myrrh. These trees are predominantly found on the coasts of South America and are believed to have mystical properties. Palo Santo translates to “holy wood” in Spanish. This name is apt because it is used in various forms of spiritual healing.

Using Palo Santo Wood As A Spiritual Healing Tool

Burning Palo Santo wood is believed to generate purified energy; cleanse people, objects, and surroundings of negativity; inspire creativity; and attract good fortune. The smoke from burning it is used as a spiritual tool during meditation to create a soothing environment. Burning Palo Santo wood may help strengthen your spiritual connection by raising your internal vibrations.

Choosing The Right Wood

Choosing the right Palo Santo wood is essential as there are many fake products out there. Some of them are just normal wood sticks smeared with a bit of Palo Santo essential oil. This may have a similar smell at first, but the way the wood burns will give you an indication of whether it is the real deal or not. Make sure you buy authentic Palo Santo wood from reputed sources.

Health Benefits Of Palo Santo Wood

Apart from its spiritual healing properties, Palo Santo wood is also said to have multiple health benefits. Its strong fragrance is said to relieve stress and anxiety, so it is used in aromatherapy. The pleasant scent could even help you overcome emotional trauma. In addition, derivatives of the wood are said to reduce inflammation and provide relief in case of asthma and allergies.

Performing Spiritual Cleansing With Palo Santo Wood

1. Hold a stick of Palo Santo in your hand, and light the furthest tip using a stationary source of fire. Palo Santo wood does not catch fire easily, so you will need to hold it over the flame for around 30 to 40 seconds.

2. Once the stick is lit, blow out the flames from the stick.

3. State a prayer for the past, present, or future. Let the cleansing smoke of the Palo Santo clear your mind and surroundings. This will make you feel positive.

4. Let the smoke fill every room in your house. Make sure it engulfs all the open spaces, including the corners.

5. While cleansing yourself, start from the toes, letting the smoke move upward till it reaches the top of your head.

6. Once you are done with the ritual, carefully place the stick in a fireproof container or on a ceramic stand until the embers die down.

Using Palo Santo Essential Oil

If you are unable to procure Palo Santo wood in its pure form, you can opt for its essential oil instead. Palo Santo extracts are available in the form of essential oils, which can be used with a diffuser for similar calming effects. However, the lack of smoke, which is usually an integral part of spiritual rituals, could be an issue for some people. Beware of fake essential oils, which are quite common in the market.

Palo Santo is a great way to progress on your spiritual healing expedition. If used in the right manner, you’ll be able to experience a number of physical and mental health benefits. You can also combine Palo Santo with other spiritual healing material such as sage, cedar, and juniper. Start using it now for an amazing spiritual healing experience.

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This is my first time hearing about this, but the idea is very curious. Aromatherapy for morning meditation is worth trying. A good atmosphere and aromatherapy help you tune in to meditation correctly!