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Here is a reminder of what you really are...
Sep 29, 2020

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Diving into the desolate depths of despair without a care is what the world seems to think of as wreaking wasteful havoc when we can choose not to.

How will we appreciate the warmth if we have never experienced the cold or the light if we have never experienced the darkness.

So, to the ones who have ventured through hell and back and are still standing, gratefully greet yourself with grace. You are not your experiences, failures, successes or even your pain.

You are the ones that tasted life’s bitterness and can still put a sugary smile on your face. How much more of an understanding human being does that make you?

The timid souls that like to lay themselves down in the lukewarm water of wasted ignorance can never gain understanding that way.

Welcome your pain with pensiveness and seal your suffering with serenity so that you know and awaken the part of you that was just forgotten, never lost. Look eternity directly in the eyes and acknowledge your partnership to promote perfect peace.

May your eternal spark ignite and engulf your whole being with gratitude.

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