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Healing Through Abortion
Aug 10, 2021

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Releasing a pregnancy is an important time to heal the womb space and practice flowing with emotions. With stigma and suppression of this topic, it can be challenging to know what is best to do. For personal questions feel free to send me an email. Everyone’s experience is unique. I have written an ebook to support you on your journey. 'The Birth of Ben' is on my webstore at the webpage Elemental Empress Medicine.

Awareness of the process is the first step. When there is more of an understanding of what is happening physically, it can be easier to come to a state of acceptance. With releasing a pregnancy, your body does a literal U-turn. One moment it is flowing resources in a certain direction. The body is transforming at a rapid rate. In the process of releasing, this can feel like a significant jolt to all of your systems. Gifting yourself time to pause is supportive to the birthing journey.

I gave myself a birth pause, and it was profound. For healing through abortion, this is a step that may be a new concept. A birth pause means that you are taking time between giving birth and moving on with your life. This looks different for every person, and it is a beautiful time to tune into your intuition to see what feels right for you. I paused by birthing at home, going to a plant nursery, and doing a ritual with an orange tree in my garden.

With the unknown, it can feel easier to rush through it and pretend like it almost did not happen. Like this is just a heavier period. For me that was my first-time experiencing pregnancy and I felt I wanted to recognise and acknowledge that. In the long run, the rushing causes us harm. The body and mind have been through a lot. This can manifest into a wound we hold and shield from the world if we do not take time to integrate those life experiences.

From my earth ritual of planting an orange tree, I was gifted insight while healing, into the mother energy. It felt right for me at the time because I was given the gift of life. I made the decision to release that gift and so I gave it back to the earth where that gift nourished the life of a young fruit tree. It gave me a sense of peace that my decisions and bodily processes are connected to something larger than myself. I leaned on the elements, and they supported me unconditionally.

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