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Having a distant healing session vs an in person session
Sep 13, 2020

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People often ask how they can receive a session as a recorded message, or online through Zoom.

Very early on as practitioners, we discover the effect of intention and focused energy. Just as a prayer or focused thought creates vibrations which give birth to energy and then to matter, the focused intention of holding space for a client, tuning in their hologram and using focusing tools such as Mindscape (developed by the founder of BodyTalk as a multipurpose tool) can be used to conduct a session distantly, and get results that are as good as in person.

John Veltheim also goes into details on the science behind this in the Finding Health series of courses and the newer BodyTalk Direct course, which is about tortion fields, scalar waves and how everything from the tap out of cortices, to a distant session works.

Long before lockdown restrictions, i was using the tool to work with clients who were either too busy to attend in person, lived too far away, or could not physically relax in person and so the best way for them to receive it was as a recording, or as a distant Zoom session. They received the same results as they would in person and have always given feedback to support that, and no longer find it surprising or unusual.

Mindscape is a tool that allows a person to relax their brain waves sufficiently to enter a state where they can create a workshop where tools that will support their intentions are used to practice whatever they wish to. It can be used as a multi purpose room or space to practice a sport or an art, revise or practice for an interview or exam, mediate a situation with a family or work member(s), and to find out things that can be accessed by the subconscious mind about this situation and the people involved.

For example, if you are having a difficult time agreeing with a colleague or boss, you could invite them into your workshop and discuss things more in depth, finding out what is bothering that person and how you can resolve the situation. You can move beyond the constructs of time (expand time) to practice your preferred sport or game and become more proficient in that, without having to spend as much time in reality doing this. The limitations are your own perceived ones, in what can be achieved in Mindscape.

The results can be surprisingly good and there is no downside to engaging the left and right brain more and the subconscious cues that can be picked up. Often more can be picked up this way than by the conscious mind.

The Lymphatic Drainage technique developed by John Veltheim can also be performed distantly with very good results. It is a safe, gentle method, suitable for most people, including pregnant women.

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