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Gratitude is something you should ask for; not materialistic things!

Mar 2, 2023
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What if I ask you to choose between happiness and money? most of you will say that money itself comes with happiness; if i'll have money i'll be happy right?! but, most of us often feel unhappy even if we have everything we could have ever asked for. do you know why? because we lack gratitude. in our daily lives, we experience so many good things but we mostly notice the moments that make us sad and unhappy. But don't worry people I have a solution to make your life exciting and happy with just one simple step which is being grateful.

Being happy asks for nothing but just your effort to be happy. I know this line was quite cheesy but try to understand the depth of it. As human nature, we all know that distractions and sadness are something we can't ignore but we can erase them sometimes by just remembering the beautiful things we already have in our life; it could be anything whether your family, friends, relationships, home, food & most importantly life.

“The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.” — Mary Davis

As this beautiful quote says, we all can be happy and satisfied by just being grateful for everything we have. we don't need to complain all the time about the things we don't own instead just try to be more satisfied with what we already have.

There is a specific quote in the Indian holy book “Srimad Bhagavad Gita” that says-** Whatever is coming to you, you should have some level of contentment, and with contentment comes gratitude.

I know that being grateful even in tough times is not as easy as it may sound. you might feel frustrated if someone will tell you to be happy and joyful if you lost someone very close to you, if you don't even own a single house, and if you are unable to pay your bills. but always remember one thing we were sent to this earth to enjoy the beauty of nature and do good deeds; not to get attached to materialistic things and relations. I might sound very straight by writing this but, this is the harsh truth that we all need to accept and live life with the utmost glory and dignity that god has given us.

As a reader, I have read many books and found several different kinds of tips for being grateful in life with whatever I have; and here I am sharing them for your benefit-

  1. Learn Prayers of Gratitude — when you wake up in the morning with a lazy mind. you might be getting thoughts about how to spend the whole day or what will happen today or what should I do today to make your day not boring enough. just stop yourself at that very moment; take a deep breath and say thanks to god for everything you have till now and pray to lord for your good health and happy life. this is how you can start your day with a small act of gratitude.

  2. Watch your Language — I know that talking well all the time is not so easy and it might feel very overwhelming when saying only buttery words to people. but do you know, when you are grateful enough for your own self then you will never need to cheese people with extra affectionate words; it comes naturally.

  3. Keep a Gratitude Journal — there was a book I was reading last year that suggested that readers to maintaining a gratitude journal in their everyday lives. I think it's very important to keep writing about the good things that happen to you in your daily life. it will help you memorize every positive moment of your day and automatically will motivate you to be joyful in life.

  4. I Have everything (REPEAT THAT) — you know how I always try to be grateful in my life by repeating this exact sentence I wrote as a heading. when I see people suffering for food, clothes, and shelter; which are so basic needs for all of us; my heart feels fragmented and broken. we have everything that can be a luxurious thing for others. so, why can't we remember such a small thing like this in our daily lives? it's not something big to ask for; right?!

Always remember that the things that you have right now ,are the exact things that others are striving for.

Conclusion —

Hope, gratitude, and satisfaction are my core values. and they always help me do better in life. Gratitude is the most important lesson for all of us. and being grateful to god is something that you always pray god. not for the materialistic things that will leave you someday. I have personally experienced these lessons in my life that’s why I am here writing this article. I hope you found this worth reading.


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Thank you, dear! so glad you found it helpful!

Philip Ebuluofor1y ago

It touches on the key and core points of our ways of seeing life. This is important work I must return to in the future. Fine work.


So glad to hear that!

Afsheen Shah1y ago

I love to journal daily on my gratitude. It has truly changed my outlook on life.