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Full Frontal Magic: A Practical Mantra Enchantment
Mar 29, 2018

Marian Yates
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

Need a simple enchantment to get the juices flowing? Here is a type of mantric sigil spell using the principles and practices from Hands on Chaos Magic. This type of magic requires only pen and paper, and possibly counting beads.

Optional Materials

It Is helpful to get a Mala, normal rosary or a Chaos Rosary, paper, and pen. The mala/rosary just makes sure you can count how many iterations you are doing.

Mantra Spell (from Hands On Chaos Magic)

Create a Mantra sigil

The of creating a mantra sigil is a simple process. Start out by writing out what you are seeking to obtain you the result you want to get. For Example: It is my will to see a blue bird within two weeks. Drop all the duplicate letters. The example intent becomes:ITSMYWLOEABURDHNK. Rearrange the letters so it is not in the same order as the original intent (This is optional, I just like to do this. Figure out how it works best for you), perhaps like this: RDWHEABUYLOITSMNK. Copy this new combination of letters to a new sheet.

Use these remaining letters to verbalize a mantra to create the mantra spell. Those who care about musical tonality may wish to ensure that the verbal mantra flows according to various rules of music or poetry. So for the above I might make something like, Boithea. It should be nonsensical in English ( or another primarily language) and you should like how it sounds. Feel free to drop or add vowels or syllables. Try to add letters or take them based on whether or not you like or dislike mantra. Make sure to start with strong positive language in the intent. If you need help with the phrasing of intention, well Hands On Chaos Magic.

Wording what you writing out what you are seeking should avoid words like want, need and similarly ambivalent words. Your intention needs to be written out in a positive, affirmative, strong manner such as “I will have a job by DATE”. Avoid any negatives in your desire such as “I have no pain”. Avoid no, nots, less, or any negation using positive affirming desires. Do choose intentions that you are actively work in your life.

Sit and relax

Simply breathing in and Out as deeply as you can for a few minutes will help. For the duration of this work, you should try to stay as perfectly still as possible. Try to minimize all movement. When using the Mala to count, try to use the minimal motion to increase the count.

Banish and Center by preferred method

I simple method is to just simple envision a white light streaming down around you and in you. If you need a more intensive banishing that will definitely get you at the right level of trance, check out the Ceremony of Transformation then do the mantra spell. Go right into the work.

Slowly start repeating the mantra, but quickly pick up the pace of the mantra to go as fast as possible.

Use the Mala or rosary to count. Again keep your hand still and use minimal motion to count.

Speed the mantra up to the point it’s so fast, you can almost not pronounce the words fully.

The idea is to get up to a speed where the syllables just blend fast. Fast enough that your conscious mind shuts down.

Go through the Mantra 10 full rosaries full which if using a Hindu Mala is 1080 times.

Honestly that is probably a good minimum number, and the chances are VERY good at 1080 repetitions you will be drooling and in a VERY altered state. This should take approximately 30 minutes.

Destroy any physical copies of Mantra.

Stand and Stretch

Then, laugh out loud and then do something else.

by Andrieh Vitimus For Patheos

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