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Five Ways to Be Truly Happy- Earth Cheat Codes Pt. One
Dec 13, 2023

Reading time 8 min.

Five Ways to Be Truly Happy- Earth Cheat Codes Pt. One

  1. Reaction is a Choice

Unless you have a condition in which you are unable to regulate, the way you react to stimuli is a choice. The way we react when we spill coffee on our pants is a choice. The way we react to someone cutting us off in traffic is a choice. The way we react to our children drawing on the wall is a choice. Do you choose to view such things as the end of the world? Or do you choose peace?
Do you understand that so much is out of our control? When this concept is truly understood, we are more likely to remain calm. Listen to the following example.
You are running late to work, and traffic is going slow. You feel panic and adrenaline gushing through your body like poison. Your heart is racing, and you are screaming at the other cars. Who is in control of this situation? Most certainly you are not. Let me ask you, what is your current reaction doing to change the situation? Let me tell you, absolutely nothing.
When you get to work you are still flustered and you take quite some time to decompress. You enter your first meeting, and you mix up your words. You can’t even think straight.
Imagine if you realized you had zero control over the situation and the way you react has no bearing. This time you choose peace. You call your boss and explain the situation (regardless of how they take it) and you enjoy your drive. We will talk about others’ opinions later. You know that your anger won’t get drivers moving faster. You also know your calmness wont either but if you had to choose one, which would you choose? They are both neutral so why wouldn’t you choose the one that will set you up for a better day? Because you chose peace you walk into work and excel at your meeting. Your head is level, your adrenaline is standard level, and your words are smooth as butter.
We have been conditioned as a society to freak out about everything, to make grandiose reactions and for what? I recently watched a TikTok where a woman had to take food to a work potluck. On her way out the door the Ring camera caught her drop all the food. She had a very calm reaction. Everyone was commenting things like, “I want what medication she’s on.” It really hurt me that much of the population would have an absolute meltdown in that moment.
Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen and why do I view that as a life-or-death situation?
What happens if you can’t pick up the food off the porch until after work? What if there’s a little time to pick up something new on the way? What if you arrive to work with no food? Is your life in danger or is your image?
Whatever your rebuttal is, I come back with the word so? “Well, seagulls may come on my porch and eat the food while I’m at work.” So??? “What will the neighbors think?” Who cares. “I can’t walk into work without something, everything will think….” Exactly. Its all about image. Which transitions perfectly into number two.

2. Stop Caring About Others’ Opinions

Do you know how badass it is when someone gives no fucks? Why can’t that be you? Insert excuse Really go deep within yourself and ask why can’t that be you?
Obviously, this concept is easier said than done and it may take years to accomplish. Because yet again society has conditioned us to care immensely about image.
Going back to number one, embarrassment is a choice. You can choose whether to be embarrassed about something.
People at live music either dance or they sit down. Many people will not dance out of embarrassment, and they lose out on fun. Inside they are aching to get up and unleash their inner child. Their soul screams at them but they just won’t do it because they don’t want to embarrass themselves. They do not want to hear what others may say about them. When you do not care what others think you are free. Otherwise, you are chained like a slave.
Therapy, shadow work, self-help books, and journal prompts are some ways you can dig deeper. But you must understand where this stems from and how you can overcome it. Did your family squash your authentic self when you were little? Did they tell you your favorite clothes were too much? Did a friend tell you its embarrassing to enjoy anime? Did your father tell you a man can’t enjoy poetry books?
Have you ever felt that ache? Have you ever felt the urge to be your authentic self with no shame? Have you ever given yourself the opportunity to try and to feel the glimpse of freedom? Have you ever gone to a new town and practiced? Its usually easier when we don’t know anyone to do something “embarrassing.” Try it.
I encourage you to try even for thirty seconds a day to release the pressure. I encourage you to find the root of that pressure. I encourage you to be that badass that understands that words, opinions, thoughts, only have meaning if YOU give it to them. Otherwise, a person’s words is just a fart in the wind my friend.
Speaking of roots, we are full of roots. These roots need to be pulled so that we can be free. We are also full of layers, and they too need to go. One of the biggest spiritual lessons is learning how to become our authentic selves. How can we be ourselves when we are covered in gunk? Gunk meaning conditioning, parental expectations, trauma- all the things that mold us into in-authenticity as we age.
How can we remove this gunk when we can’t see it? What if we believe we don’t have any gunk? You are wrong. Every single person on earth has trauma and damn near everyone has experienced conditioning, especially if you live in America. We are sent to this Earth for our souls’ expansion. One component of that is gunk removal. We are to work through our traumas from this lifetime and past.
If you do not think you experienced trauma in this lifetime, a. you are wrong and b. you most certainly did in the last. Although most of us have amnesia regarding our past lives, what we experienced is carried with us. It doesn’t sound fair to have to work out things from this life and others, but it is what it is. How can we combat this? My recommendation is number three.

3. Find a therapist and do it fast.

My opinions on therapy have changed throughout the years. For a while I thought it was stupid and do you want to know why that is? It was because I believed I didn’t have trauma. My eyes weren’t open to it yet. If you are triggered by this advice, then you are my prime student. Triggers=negative reactions=personal issue=unresolved. When someone else’s words or behaviors affect YOU and cause YOU to feel a reaction, that is a personal issue that needs to be looked at.
Trauma has various levels. Trauma is not just sexual assault and war. There are such things as little and medium T’s too. Bullying in middle school causes trauma. Your mom never validating your feelings can cause trauma. Residual past life gunk can cause trauma.
Therapists provide us with outside perspectives and can help open our eyes. They may be the catalyst for you. Even if you have no idea what to talk about when you get there, rest assured they will provide you with something that makes you go “hmm.”
Working on ourselves, bettering ourselves, growing, uncovering, and ascending is why we are here. Pick up a self-help book, see a therapist. Or would you rather have to come back to earth 5903 times until you finally work through the gunk you are avoiding?

4. You have many lifetimes but only one here right now as YOU so GO FOR IT.

As I mentioned, our soul lives many lifetimes. We are energy and energy doesn’t die. You are not the same person in every lifetime, however. Some lives you may be a man and some a woman. Sometimes you may be a perpetrator and some a victim. In this current lifetime you are you and it’s the only time you will be in this specific human suit. I will only ever be Sara Pasterz this one time. I will only ever look exactly like this this one time.
Additionally, many of us will not remember our lifetimes. When we are sent down to earth we are put under amnesia. We all have the ability to remove that amnesia through hypnosis and past life regression. However not everyone does that or wants to. Therefore, this lifetime is the sole focus, so why not make it the best? Especially if you don’t believe me. If you believe we only have one lifetime then why aren’t you chasing every dream you have?
Why do we avoid telling someone we have romantic feelings for them when it could be the one shot for true love? Why do we avoid going for a non-traditional job when that is what our soul is calling for? Why do we hold back? Is it that societal conditioning I mentioned? Are we worried what others may say and think? Do we not think we have what it takes?
Do you see how this all perfectly comes together?, all these unnecessary things that make us a slave. What people do not seem to know (and its not a secret) is that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.
Go for it. Tell your crush you like them. Apply for that job you’re interested in. Create that greenhouse or she-shed. Feel the empowering energy I am sending you now. The question remains: why not, why not, why not? Therapy can tell you.
I want to end part one with a lighter rule.

5. Scream Everyday
Yes, you heard that right. I encourage you to scream out loud every single day or at least a few times a week. Remember that gunk I was talking about? Sometimes we avoid it. Sometimes we avoid our feelings. Where do you think they go? They go down deep inside, and they fester. They become chronic illness. They become disease. Emotions are energy also and what did we learn about energy? It never dies.
Those negative emotions you didn’t let out that day you wanted to cry but didn’t, they are still there. You didn’t let them out. If you are not going to cry every day then you can at least scream, right?
I said this rule would be lighter but off we go into the darkness. All disease is a manifestation of an unresolved trauma or emotional issue. Let us avoid disease by releasing the gunk. Do you understand? Do you understand that emotions must come out? Do you understand that if you only analyze and not FEEL your feelings, they remain inside?
Do yourself a favor and scream in your car on the way home from work. Scream with your kids on a sunny day. Let yourself cry when you can. Why don’t you cry, is it image? Don’t make me talk about conditioning again.
I love you all very much. I want the best for you. I want to make life easier for you. If you feel you cannot fully implement these into your life, I encourage you to try for even thirty seconds. It will get easier. I promise.

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