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Find the Calm Amidst the Chaos

Jun 8, 2021
Erin Powers
Core Spirit member since Jun 2, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

What if we let it all be easy? I know, it’s absolutely not easy- this life is hard and filled with so much inherent struggle sometimes. But we also have the ability to create our own reality to some degree and chose to either view life through the lens of struggle or ease.

I don’t know if it’s Mercury Retrograde or what, but I have been in a funk this past week, and nothing felt “easy” at all. But guess what? I also didn’t allow it to be easy. The more struggles I faced, the more I resisted and got upset over them. That solved all of my problems, of course…not. After a couple of breakdowns, I realized, what if amidst all the chaos I was dealing with, I could just let it be easier? Being upset over things you can’t change is understandable but also a complete waste of energy. Allow yourself to feel all the feels, but don’t let yourself get caught in that downward spiral of wasted energy. You can choose ease in any moment. You can come back to your breath and ground yourself in your body. You always have a choice. I can assure you that choosing ease and calm amidst the chaos of life is liberating.

In all of this, I was also brought back to how knowing our unique human design helps us in finding that ease amongst the franticness of life. When we can rely on and know how to best utilize our energy, have strategies to bring us back into alignment, and understand our specific authorities that help us make decisions, we are better equipped to handle what the world throws at us. We know how we need to handle these situations and actually have the tools to do so that will bring us back into alignment. I felt my projector not-self theme (bitterness) hard this week, but I was able to recognize this was coming up and readjust. No longer do we need to reside in stuck emotions- we can choose a different one. When all is seemingly going awry, just remember, you have the ability to come back to yourself and find the calm amidst the chaos <3

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Erin Powers3y ago

Hi Emma! Thank you for taking the time to read the article. I am glad it was helpful :) I can relate to taking things personally and too find it challenging at times. I have found that, in addition to knowing your human design, sitting with yourself in a meditative way and exploring where these stuck emotions/reactionary behaviors are stemming from can be illuminating. Ask yourself questions like, "When did I first start feeling vulnerable?" "What is this vulnerability/arising emotion trying to tell me?" "What do I need right now to feel safe?"- get curious with yourself. This is also something you can explore with a therapist as well of course. I also like to repeat mantras like "I am safe", "I am worthy", "I am powerful", "I can choose ease in any moment". Journaling is another useful tool to get your thoughts/emotions out on paper. I think it's important to let yourself fully feel and process any emotions that arise in a healthy way (cry if you're sad, yell into/punch a pillow if you're angry, listen to an old song you love if you're feeling nostalgic, dance it out, etc.) so that they are less likely to carry over into daily life. One exercise that has helped me check my reactionary behavior is to "practice the pause". Notice when you start to feel overwhelmed, and in that moment take just a few seconds to pause, take a breath, and maybe repeat a mantra before reacting. We live in such an overstimulating world that it is easy to run on autopilot and be quick to react to the smallest thing (like a pen falling off the table). It will take some practice, but the more you do it the easier it gets. I hope that was helpful and don't hesitate to reach out with more questions <3

Emma Gardner3y ago

This article is really helpful, thank you so much! I am quite vulnerable, I take everything too close to my heart, so it was necessary for me to read this article now. Are there any exercises or affirmations to make the process of changing perceptions easier? Could you please give some advice on what is most important in this process besides human design knowledge? Because, even considering all the facts you mentioned, it is still quite difficult, especially for a person like me, for whom a pen that has fallen off the table is already a tragedy.

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