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Feel the Fear and Do It anyway
Jan 31, 2021

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“Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan Jeffers

This book was recommended to me 30 years ago and I still practice its teaching today.

I’ve learned over the time to what extend some fears are more irrational than others. However, at the end of the day, uncontrolled fears have the same effects on us whatever their nature might be.

Fears are emotions which can make us feel very uncomfortable, inapt or even isolated. A fear can even become an obsession if we let it take power over us to the point of paralysing us.

Let’s remember that fears might not only be beneficial in real dangerous situations but, just as importantly, in other cases they can simply indicate us that beyond the veil of illusion, there is a new opportunity for growth.

Life invited me to do distant coaching and therapy for quite a while. I could recognise my initial resistance till I decided to let it be. I now love the fact that my services are available to people from every parts of the world.

I used to be an airline cabin crew for many years and truly discovered that the sky’s the limit.

Author: Cécile franckinioulle, Holistic Coach and Therapist

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