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Embracing Your Divine Feminine

Apr 29, 2021
Jade Myrtille
Core Spirit member since Apr 29, 2021
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Many women lack positive figures in their lives, that would have normally taught them how to express themselves naturally, by giving them appropriate respect and adoration, that they deserve. However, no matter what kind of negative experiences you had growing up, remember that as a woman, you’re a unique creation of mother nature and you deserve to be celebrated for who you are.

If you had negative influences from male figures in your childhood, this is not a testimony for you or your worth, but of how broken these male figures were, not to be able to worship you properly. If female figures did not show you by example, how to love and respect yourself, it was because they suffered too much themselves to be able to do that. It’s a testimony of their pain, not your lack of worth. You are still divine by birthright as the universe’s creation, and you don’t need anyone’s validation for that besides your own.

The broken male figures who may have mistreated you, are simply miserable human beings, whose treatment of you is a reflection of how they treat life and mother earth herself. Their behaviour has nothing to do with your worth, value or beauty, but everything to do with their own relationship with the divine feminine. Don’t allow these setbacks to destroy the consciousness of who you truly are - a miracle.

Remember, that even if some male figures hurt you, don’t hate men in general. The divine aspect expresses itself in both genders. Men are also unique in their own way, every single one of them, and even though you should withdraw your energy from those men, who don’t give you the reverence you deserve, you should have faith, that there are men, who will respect and worship you for who you are. Make space for these men in your community and your personal life.

Being around inspiring women helps. There are plenty of us, that have embraced their own divinity, and being in the company of these women has an empowering energy that is contagious. Revere yourself by choosing the energy, that helps you find your way to your inner goddess.

Respect the divinity in other creations of nature. Not everything and everyone is for you, and that is part of self love, but walk through life with the consciousness, that every other woman is a goddess in her own right, and let other women express themselves the way they want to. It is popular nowadays for women, who are afraid to embrace their own divinity to shame these women, who have fiercely done so. Don’t participate in this cycle. If something triggers you, walk away, meditate on it, and let nature express itself in its own ways, the way it chose to. Focus on shining your own light.

Connecting with yourself on this level may seem extremely difficult, if you have been abused or mistreated, and didn’t have positive experiences with either male or female figures raising you. I didn’t have positive experiences either, yet here I am writing this. We have spiritual teachings available to us for free nowadays, everywhere online that can help us find inside, what our caregivers failed to provide us with.

Studying Vedic astrology and discovering deeper layers of spirituality has taught me the importance of reconnecting with my divine feminine. I normally walk around thinking of myself more as a soul than anything else, but I chose this incarnation in a female body for a reason, and that should be celebrated also. There is a very deep dimension of spirituality coming from revering, and listening to your physical body.

As a woman you are a goddess that deserves to be worshipped. However, you shouldn’t wait for others to do it for you, you should worship yourself first. Never demean yourself for others, regardless of their gender. Always have respect for yourself to surround yourself with only people and energies, that are best for you. Practice self care in any way, that is relevant to you. Celebrate yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally. Your astrology chart will give you pointers, what your unique style is and how to express it best.

Your inner goddess is right there, waiting for you to unleash her.

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Jade Myrtille3y ago

Meeting the right person occurs from a place of self love. Release any resistance for a specific outcome. You cant control who you meet. However, it is healthy to set boundaries and not allow people who dont treat you well into your life. The right person will make your life fulfilling in ways you couldnt have imagined, and it will only increase how much you love yourself, because you will be able to see yourself in a new light through the other persons eyes.

Eva Glain3y ago

Hello! Thank You so much for such an inspiring article! I have always believed that the hardest thing is to love yourself. And now that I have accepted my Divine part, I am afraid that I could not meet a suitable man, because why do I need someone who loves me less than myself? This complicates everything… Can self-love be enough for a happy life?

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