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$100 USD
$100 USD

By buying this session, you get access to the most exclusive, full length, one hour mixed tarot and astrology reading with me. Using both of these skills at the same time allows me to give you the most detailed guidance possible. Prepare a list of subjects, that you would like me to address, so that our time can be spent productively. For the Astrology part, make sure, that you have your precise birth time, date, hour (to the minute) and location prepared. I need this information to give you an accurate astrology reading. Remember, that I am an energy healer and reader, and I am going to offer you the truth, and nothing beyond.

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Kraków, Poland

I have studied astrology and tarot for many years now. Because of that, it was very natural for me to start providing guidance through my writing and spirituality, to share my results of years of astrological research and study. It’s really important to me to be accessible to all people who need my guidance, and make the quality of my work more obvious to wider public.

On Core Spirit since April 2021
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Jade Myrtille2021-06-11 13:52 UTC

Hello! Any prediction works in a form of an energetic read through tarot together with a read on astrology transits. That means certain planetary energies will give specific themes to be brought up in your life. Changes in life tend to unfold gradually, and astrology reflects that. Tarot can also give a perspective of future energies, but these energies are based on your energy at the moment, and are subject to change if you change your attitude. I'm definitely reliable and I don't promise the impossible, but give an accurate energetic depiction.

Michelle Collins2021-06-01 15:44 UTC

Hello! Does this sessions include the prediction on my future? Thank you in advance and have a good day!

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