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To Ashwagandha or not?

May 6, 2020
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There is a lot of hype around the beloved adaptogenic and power herb, Ashwagandha. With her numerous benefits, some may ask, why wouldn’t I be taken this herb on the regular?!

We are here to get down to the truth of the matter. And answer these two important questions.

When you should take an herb for support?

Will Ashwagandha support my imbalance?

When should you take an herb for support?

Our Western culture likes everything fast and easy. We have everything at the tip of our fingers, and an amazon package after our next breath. Because of this mindset, we treat our diseases and imbalances the same. Headache? Pop two Advils. Anxious? Two drops of CBD. Constipated? 1 cup of detox tea. (Oh gosh- if you are reading this, I hope it is not too late!)

The philosophy of Ayurveda is to always treat the root cause of our disease. For example, the anxiety you are experiencing may not just be from a stressful work day. It can be from the lack of sleep you are experiencing due to improper routine and lifestyle. So taking an herb may help, but it may result in long-term dependency.

We never need long-term dependency on anything except meditation ;). Ayurveda uses herbs in the short-term as part of your environment for healing. But after the body has healed properly, it no longer needs it. For example, as a practitioner, I may recommend an herbal formula that aids with heartburn along with proper diet and routines. Once my client has created the optimal environment for healing, they will no longer need the herbal formula. This is because we addressed the root problem and her new environment supports optimal digestion.

The best way to treat a root cause is first through diet and routine specific to your current imbalance.

(If you haven’t already, take our current imbalance quiz here. If you do know your current imbalance, you can download our Free Ayurvedic Balancing Method worksheet here to get access to your 4 week Morning Routine Challenge.


Will Ashwagandha support my current imbalance?

The answer is, it truly depends. In terms of doshas, the herb Ashwaganadha is best for Vata imbalances and is used to treat a multitude of diseases. However, due to its slightly heating nature, there are other stress-relieving herbs that are better for Pittas. Due to its tonifying and grounding nature, there are better herbs for Kapha.

However, I would always first recommend working with your Ayurvedic practitioner, so he or she can help you get to the root of your imbalance and understand the qualities of your symptoms.

Secondly, I would recommend to first start working with your diet and lifestyle routines; because while Ashwagandha, and herbs in general, have many benefits, they should be treated as a bandaid, not as an entire solution.

Ayurveda states that all imbalances start in the digestive system. Therefore, diet, routine and lifestyle are paramount in healing digestion. I have helped heal many clients without the use of herbs at all, using, instead, changes of diet and lifestyle alone.

To be clear, Ashwagandha, if sourced and labeled correctly, is not unsafe to take and has many incredible benefits, such as:

Relaxes and Tonifies the Nervous System: Optimizes sleep/improves insomnia, brings mental clarity, eases Vata-type headaches, relieves stress

Nourishes the Reproductive System: Specializes in building the female reproductive system and boosts sexual vitality

Rejuvenates All Tissues of the Body: Lubricates the joints, supports the adrenal glands, aids with multiple sclerosis

High in Antioxidants: Great anti-inflammatory and adaptogen

If you do choose to take Ashwagandha, or are recommended its usage by a practitioner, we recommend Paavani’s Ashwagandha powder as ½ teaspoon in 1⁄2 cup of tepid water in AM or PM, at least 1-2 hours away from meals.

However, you are your best healer, and your body knows how to intuitively heal itself when given the optimal environment, love, and care.

If you desire support in determining the root cause of your imbalance, we are here to guide you through:

1:1 Complimentary Sessions

Free Resources to help guide your Nutritional Choices

Free Imbalance Quiz

Peace, love and Ashwagandha,



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