Do you have a dream?
Aug 13, 2021

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I love asking this question when I first meet people. I am surprised by how many start to think about it in that moment for the first time. For people who have felt like they have been walking around aimlessly and do not know what to do next, this is a revelation. To have a dream means that you are on the journey of learning how to channel your energy to manifest. Without that dream your energy shoots out into the universe in many directions.

As your energy splays out like this it leaves you vulnerable for other people to use your energy for their dream. This may be completely out of alignment with what your soul resonates with but that is hard to decipher when your energy is out of focus. An example of this in the world is people working for companies they do not understand fully for the purpose of a wage. Of course, one can work for a company and receive a salary while maintaining alignment with their soul.

There are many amazing companies out their created from people’s big dreams. When we break down all that we see in the world around us, we can see the dream behind it. A major thing happens when you are aware of your individual aspirations in life. You may work for yourself or with someone else. The way that you work is entirely different. You maintain an alertness within your conscious mind of the direction of your life and this is powerful.

Awareness facilitates your soul developing and expanding over your lifetime. When we remain oblivious to our soul callings and dreams, there is a sleepiness about the way we orientate ourselves. Colour is not so vibrant. It is easy to be manipulated by the dream created by advertising and government structures. We take everything at face value because we do not have our own dream and therefore it is not possible for us to become aware of the dreams that manifested all things.

Diving into the air element here as I express these intangible concepts into words! Take a breath with that idea. I invite you to imagine how your life might change over the next week, month, and year if you had a focused dream that you wanted to manifest. Paint this picture as vividly as you can. You can even create a Pinterest board of images to flesh out a specific dream you desire to manifest in the near or distant future.

Once you have completed journaling and creating from the above prompt, my next invitation is to sink into the dream while meditating. This does not have to be the typical seated position in silence. I receive amazing visions about my dreams and messages on next steps to take while driving. Also walking supports me in this process hugely. Meditating brings calm groundedness to my days. Sometimes it is great to have a task though to get myself out of my own way.

Your action to write your dreams down and find images to match them is like calling out the universe saying, I AM READY! Now comes the point when you release the whole thing. Yes you read that correctly! Let it all go. What comes next is the journey where you follow the prompts from the universe. Taking action one day at a time. A lot of the calls to action I receive I cannot understand how they are related to the manifestation of my dream.

This is the point were my ego has to take a back seat. I release the idea that I am controlling all things in my life. Letting go of the idea that I understand how everything works. These two things lead to surrender. Once I put my trust in the hands of the universe, then and only then, my dream manifests. That last step is vital because it is a significant reminder of my place in the universe. It is a step that facilitates us living in wonder which makes life much more fun!

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