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Dharma Rain

Sep 26, 2019
Demi Powell
Core Spirit member since Sep 4, 2019
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Mother Rain

S 1:80

vuṭṭhi alasam analasañca

mātā puttaṃ va posati

vuṭṭhibhūtā upajīvanti

ye pāṇā pathaviṃ sitā ti

The rain pours down on weak and strong

As a mother nurtures her child.

The spirits of the rain sustain

All creatures who dwell on the earth.


Slipping Away

Heraññakāni Thera

Thag 145

accayanti ahorattā,

jīvitaṃ uparujjhati,

āyu khīyati maccānaṃ

kunnadīnaṃ va odakaṃ.

Days and nights go hurtling by

Till our lifetime comes to an end.

the life of mortals slips away

—Like the water of tiny streams.

Gurgling Loudly

Nālaka Sutta

Sn 720

tan nadīhi vijānātha

sobbhesu padaresu ca:

sanantā yanti kussobbhā,

tuṇhī yāti mahodadhi.

Listen to the sound of water

In the clefts and in the gullies:

The tiny streams gurgle loudly —

Mighty waters flow in silence.


Rain Cloud

Aññakoṇḍañña Thera

Thag 675

rajam upātaṃ vātena

yathā megho pasāmaye,

evaṃ sammanti saṃkappā

yadā paññāya passati.

Just as a rain-cloud would settle

The dust that’s been raised by the wind,

So all conceptions come to rest —

When one sees clearly with wisdom.

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