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Design a powerful Personal Vision

May 20, 2023
Amit Sood
Core Spirit member since May 17, 2023
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Here‘s why you need a Personal Vision
There was once a man sentenced to life imprisonment. Life in the jail was bleak. He could not see a future that he could look forward to. The mornings brought no new hopes. It was the jail routine - day after day. He didn’t feel like making any effort to stay fit, look good, learn a new skill or do anything new or creative.

Then, one day a jail-mate came running to him and told him that a new law had been passed. He could be free in two years.

Now, as if the Sun began to shine for him. He started looking forward to the future. He was now taking care of his health and appearance. He even started learning new skills that he could use when he was free.

What made such a difference? This man was still in jail and was going to be there for two long years. Yet something new now was possible. This shift in his view of the future, even though two years away, was enough to make him jump off his bed and live better today.

“The way you show up in the present is given by the future you live into.” — Werner Erhard

Your personal vision of your future defines the limits of what you see as possible. If you can’t even see something as possible, you are unlikely to work at it. It is no wonder that without an inspiring future, life seems uninspiring, dull and insipid. Like a pattern repeating itself.

Do yourself a favour and check, what is the future that you’re ‘living into’? What does you ‘ default future’ look like? Where are you headed in three, five and ten years? Does it excite you?

Benefits of having a powerful Personal Vision
Your personal vision tells you about the desires of your deepest self, your hopes and preferences which are often neglected in the rush of daily life. It is an act of SELF-LOVE.
It creates CLARITY about how you’d love your life and career to turn out. Just this raised awareness can powerfully impact your future.
It works like an inner guiding light for making important DECISIONS in life and career. You feel more in CONTROL.
Vision is the personal compass that gives you a better sense of your DIRECTION for your long, medium and short-term career and life goals.
When your vision includes all the aspects of your life- professional, personal, health and spiritual, you aim for a WHOLISTIC, BALANCED LIFE.
It MOTIVATES you in tough times.
Finally, the exciting vision inspires and invites you to engage energetically and optimistically, with passion. You have your creative juices flowing as you are passionately pulled into action and hard work.
Design your Personal vision in 10 Steps

  1. Personal Vision is not a goal, a road map or a plan
    It serves a different, yet the powerful purpose of filling you with hope and inspiration. Realism is not brave and powerful enough to inspire. It is bound by the limits of what has been seen as possible. But the future is unwritten, an open possibility. Anything is possible, beyond the confines of limiting beliefs, beyond what you have seen others accomplish. A powerful vision is formed in the mind and heart that are truly free.

Vision has to be exciting, pathbreaking and outrageous. Like the flights of imaginations of little children.

Your vision is the answer to the question — ‘What if…?’

  1. Vision has to be Outrageous!
    Even if it seems impossible, the possibility itself touches you deeply, moves your heart and inspires you, makes your heart soar. So challenge yourself to muster the courage to dream way past the reasonable- of an outrageous future that would truly light you up!

‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’ — T S Elliot

  1. You choose to hold your Created vision, knowing that it is Unrealistic
    It is outrageous. Yet, having created the vision, the dream and the possibility you choose to hold it, knowing fully well that it is only a created possibility. You hold it because it is your creation and it inspires, even if it is not realistic. Just as a possibility that inspires, and gives you energy and direction. This is enough to make it your compass.

  2. It's not an escape plan
    Your vision is not an escape plan from some aspect of the present that you hate. It is not about “not this”. It is your ‘going towards’ dream, not an ‘away from’ goal.

Describe in positives- what you’d love to have in your life and career.

  1. It's not an “I’ll be happy when…” goal
    It is also not a goal that you accomplish someday, and then you’d be happy. It is about defining what kind of life would bring you great satisfaction, and fulfil you if you had it now.

Your personal vision is a new version of reality described in the present tense.

  1. Think of EXPERIENCES, not Ownership
    Shift the focus from owning stuff or money to experiencing life. Rat-race is all about working hard today and collecting money and stuff to enjoy ‘some day’ in the future. In the life of rush and routine, we neglect to relish simple, heart-warming life experiences. Your powerful personal vision is made of simple and great experiences that light up your heart.

  2. Visualise the perfect YOU
    It is personal. It says something deep, meaningful and intimate about you. What lights you up, makes your heart sing and smile deeply with satisfaction. It describes the true you — the most radiant version of your core self, the most complete version of you.

“Your Being is Your doing” — Leon VanderPol

Who would you love to be? How would you love to be known? What would best describe you when they look at you living the life that you are genuinely proud of? What best describes your personality, way of being, qualities, character and attitudes? And how you interact with others- your behaviours, appearances and demeanour.

Describe yourself in terms of your values and priorities. What do you care about and work for, in each of these aspects of life-

Your profession. As who you are to your family (as a spouse, parent, sibling, off-spring etc.). Pertaining to health and well-being. Your spirituality. And in the areas of your other creative interest etc.

  1. Visualise your LIFE
    Imagine that you are living a truly fulfilling and radiant life you love. When you look back at the beauty of this life from a distant future, you’re filled with a deep sense of fulfilment and admiration. Now hold that imagination and describe your vision of such a life. You could start with this —

My vision is that I am living such a beautiful, radiant life that I can feel in my how my heart lights up just looking back at it.

What would describe the most perfect life of your vision?

Where do live? What does your ideal home look like?

Create the vision of how, where and with whom you love to experience the life of your dreams. What best describes your relationships? Who else is there in your circle? The interests you share, and the topics you talk about.

    Your life is made up of days — one at a time.

Just for this work, think beyond limitations. Imagine that you have ample money, time, the ideal job and resources, and have no worry about what others think of you. And answer this-

How would you live your most perfect, routine day? Imagine the perfect day, one that you‘d be willing to live every day of your life. Look in your past for clues - what makes you happy in a way that you look back with a sense of deep satisfaction.

Include whatever you’ve always wanted to have in your routine. Describe the day in detail with the experiences you love to create as the day passes. Include how it would make you feel.

When and where did you wake up in the morning? Who do you have your breakfast with? What shared interests do you talk about? What do you do next? How do you spend your day? What do you do throughout the day? Where? With whom?

The perfect day is also brilliantly productive, healthy and filled with expression and experiences of love, happiness and generosity. Talk about the routine that fulfils you.

  1. Focus on the END GOAL of your EXISTENCE
    A great champion chess player focuses on a move several moves in the future. A great pool player also focused on a difficult shot several shots away, concerned with placing the cue ball correctly for that difficult shot.

How far in the future are you focused?

When you are creating your vision, where are you focused? What are your concerns? Are they about accomplishing great things that help you get rich or look admirable and successful? Or, are you concerned about the purpose — the end goal of your existence? Your raison d’être — the purpose of your life. A great personal vision has a ‘Why’ that originates in the core of your soul and drives your heart.

How does your life, your way of being and living, impact the lives of others you touch?

It will be worth your while to do this work in detail.
Create your personal vision and redefine what is possible for yourself.

Fill yourself with optimism. Draw energy and strength from your commitment to honour yourself with this life. Resolve to rise to your highest and truest potential. Create a powerful personal vision. You owe yourself the dream life. Don’t compromise.

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Afsheen Shah1y ago

I love creating a personal vision for my life. I love the reminder to think of all the details.