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Deep trance state

Mar 29, 2018
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There is a state of consciousness that will make many procedures such as the borrowed genius, artificial reincarnation, love meditation (sending love) or others a lot easier, it is when your body is a sleep (physical senses very reduced) and your mind is awake , I will use the terms ‘deep trance’ as Robert Bruce author of Astral Dynamics call it.

In the deep trance the two halves of our brain work together and a phenomena know as bilateral hemispheric synchronization occurs , experienced yogis, shamans and meditators can reach that states after years of training however brainwave technology or just efficient method of training can do that a lot faster.

Description of the deep trance state

In deep trance you can have the impression that your body has melted with the mattress, you may lose complete awareness of your legs and have the impression that your fingers have melted together, the temperature of your body may change and you may observe a kind of 3D blackness. Strange sounds and strange light patterns may appear, they might surprise you so much that they move you out of trance, however, know that there is nothing to fear.

It takes some practice to achieve a deep trance state with brain hemispheres synchronized below are some methods.

The Robert Bruce method to deep trance

It is a 3 steps approach , one deep physical relaxation , second clearing the mind and last use a mental technique. Bruce uses progressive muscles relaxation and breathing to achieve relaxation. This is a relatively easy method to do the more you will do it the better you will become, no magic trick to clear the mind but daily concentration exercises such as trying to remain mentally silent as long as you can, over a period of several weeks if you maintain a regular routine you will be able to reduce your thinking enough to not be disturbed during deep trance. Bruce has several technique to go down in the deep trance state when you are deeply relaxed and you have your mind clear, imagine being in a elevator moving and count each floor, let yourself go down in deeper trance variant to the elevator are the ladder, climbing down a rope, being a feather.

The Klaus Joehle method

You relax by pretending that you are about to fall asleep, pretend that each muscle is relax and sleep, to reduce mental chatter imagine an extremely bright beam of light coming down into the top of your head. It will reaches directly into the middle of your brain, and then expands from there. This technique can help to clear out all thoughts according to Klaus it works best when you are totally relaxed.

The Monroe Institute method

The method rely on binaural beat basically you use a CD with the Hemi-Sync ™ sound patterns , do self-suggestions to have your body relaxed completely , there is also an energy work routine in the method called REBAL (Resonant Energy Balloon)

Now, of course, you can design your own method as you know, I work with autogenic training. The structure remains the same, relaxation, (energy work , optional), moving down to trance and reducing mental chatter.

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