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Decision + Commitment = Extraordinary Life Quality

Jul 17, 2023

I've come to a conclusion.

To create a life of extraordinary quality lies in the ability and capacity to make decisions and to commit to those decisions.

Yes, decision and commitment have to come hand in hand like best friends forever.

(Take a close look, we are making hundreds of decisions and stick to them everyday. While many of them go to autopilot mode, it doesn't mean we don't make them.)

I've encountered many who hesitate to decide because of their fear for making the wrong decision.

Take a stock of all life events in your life, big and small; I bet there were some very bad decisions at the moment turned out to be a blessing in disguise and some good ones got sour unexpectedly quickly.

When I moved to China from Italy, I was very evasive when asked about the reason of the move. I was afraid that people would see me as a failure.

That was a decision which had needed to be made as all the "ideal" ones were nowhere to be found at the time. I felt my hands were forced and I felt I failed myself severely.

Yet, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was glad that I chose to open up instead of contracting in to an illusory ideal (at that moment).

So, just decide.

Inability to decide is like inability to drive a car even with a license. If you don't know where you are going, what's the use of a car; even a Lamborghini couldn't of help.

I've encountered many who unconsciously recant their own words and who when asked to confirm any of their decisions shake like leaves in the wind.

We (majority of population) create ourselves with words, spoken or unspoken.
We also create our own realities (successes or failures; happiness or sorrows; respect or offense and more) with words, spoken or unspoken.

Ask yourself these two question,

"Are you aware of what you say and why you say it at all times?"

"Are you aware of what thoughts running the race in your head at all times?"

No, many don't so that they don't know the damage they were doing to themselves mentally and spiritually through and by keeping changing their words. (No, they don't agree that they are changing their words as they are not fully aware of conjuring them.)

No, many don't so that when they are asked to confirm their words, they are afraid to confirm something they are not aware of or sure of in the first place.

Inability to commit is like inability to start a car. You may know how to drive a car and even be well-knowledged about cars. Knowing a language is not the same as using them to its full capacity to one's own advantage.

You don't want to risk to fail. I get it.

"What if I make a decision and commit to it with efforts intellectually, physically and mentally but I don't make it happen in the end?"

Ironically and fortunately, it's not about promising making it happen BUT about taking this journey.

As I always say, "A river takes its ebbs and flows and it always ends going into the ocean."

It could be a dry year and the river runs dry for a year.

It could be a year with too much rain and much water of the river runs wild (so it nourished the lands it passes through in the guise of a disaster.)

It could be taking too many turns and seems like losing its course.

Yet, when the water flows, it always goes to the ocean.

We always make something happen. Or, something always happen whether we intend to control or not.

Decision and commitment horn in the energy.

So that, while focused, we can be really open to the journey, the dry season, the flood season, the trick turns and the scenery along the way without concerning ourselves to be lost.

When one's energy is horn in and vibrate in a harmonious way, there, there is the certainty of an extraordinary life.

Be love and be loved.

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Afsheen Shah10mo ago

Thank you for sharing your story. We always make something happen.