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5 Supplements That Help You Look Your Best

Mar 13, 2020
Craig Middleton
Core Spirit member since Feb 19, 2020
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You’re probably living a full, active life — balancing work, family, and friendships, and getting a little rest in between. With the passage of time and the effect of habits and the environment, you’ve probably noticed some changes in how your body looks and feels. Many of these changes are reflected in the skin — your largest organ. You might be starting to detect less suppleness, elasticity, and overall glow. Fortunately, there’s much you can do to maintain a great deal of your skin’s healthy look — including supplements. Here are a few that are helpful and easy to incorporate into your routine.


Collagen helps make the skin elastic and pliable; it’s an abundant protein in the body and serves as a sort of scaffolding for the skin’s structure. It’s also a major part of your connective tissue, which makes a big difference in how your body looks and moves. Aging and decreased hormone production — particularly estrogen — results in skin that is more vulnerable to wrinkling and sagging. In recent years, collagen supplements have come out that are easier to absorb than ever! Choose your supplement carefully; reading online examples of positive customer feedback such as reviews of BHMD dermal repair complex will help you make an informed decision.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin for health — a powerful antioxidant (helping skin regeneration) and immunity booster. It also comes in many formulations for topical use, incorporated into serums, creams, and lotions. Vitamin C also works in tandem with collagen from within to help support and strengthen skin; it’s essential to have a sufficient amount in order for collagen to take on and maintain its shape. Although vitamin C is plentiful in citrus fruits, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and many other fruits and vegetables, taking a supplement will ensure that your levels remain high. It’s common for Vitamin C supplements to include bioflavonoids to increase absorption and antioxidant effects; select a supplement that suits your particular needs and vitamin regimen.


Selenium is an essential mineral that plays a big part in reducing inflammation, neutralizing free radicals and other compounds that can damage skin, and helping to safeguard membranes that surround skin cells. Seafood, beef, poultry, and grains are some of the best sources of selenium. The amount of selenium in the soil greatly affects the amount found in livestock and grains. If you’re not getting sufficient selenium in your diet, supplements are easy-to-find and inexpensive.


Omega-3 fatty acids are nutritional powerhouses, with a multitude of benefits — including great support for the health of your skin! They reduce inflammation all over the body, help maintain an optimal level of skin hydration, aid in maintaining collagen, protect from sun damage, and help to keep cell membranes strong. If you eat several servings of fatty fish per week, you’re likely getting enough omega-3s. That’s not always possible; luckily, there are plentiful supplements from which to choose. Check with your medical practitioner to determine the best fit for you at your particular life stage.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a group of compounds that help sustain both internal and external health. You’ve probably heard of the widespread use of topical retinol to help hold back signs of aging — that’s a form of vitamin A. Orange and leafy green vegetables (yes, carrots!) are excellent sources of vitamin A; so are eggs and dairy products. Specifically, the internal use of vitamin A helps protect against sun damage and the free radicals that can break down collagen; it also helps to encourage tissue and cell growth. Your medical practitioner can advise you about the wisdom of taking vitamin A internally. There are countless creams and serums that contain vitamin A — they boost radiance, help with cell turnover, and bring several other great benefits.

A few well-chosen nutritional supplements can help you look your best. Incorporate a few of these ideas to experience positive results!

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