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Coronavirus Stress Relief Using Emotional Freedom Techniques

Jan 24, 2021
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Emotional Freedoms Techniques (EFT) is a widely respected, well-researched way to help you end emotional and physical distress and pain. Developed by Gary Craig, EFT is also known as “tapping.” EFT helps to correct energy flow in your body to relieve stress, pain, physical ailments and to improve physical and mental performance.

EFT is Based on Chinese Meridians

In Chinese medicine, ailments are the result of disruption to the flow of the body’s energy. These energy paths, or meridians, control our body’s emotional and physical health. Any disruption in the flow of energy can cause stress and pain.

There are 12 meridians on each side of the body. Every meridian corresponds to an internal organ. When the energy flow through a meridian is disrupted, people experience emotional and physical stress. This stress can translate into anxiety and pain.

EFT restores the flow of energy through the meridians by concentrating on energy hot spots near the endpoint of each meridian. By correcting the energy flow, people experience relief of emotional and physical symptoms.

Why Tapping?

Unlike acupuncture, which focuses on physical causes for energy flow disruption, EFT corrects the emotional breaks in the meridians. Tapping restores energy flow at set points in the meridians that correspond to emotional breaks. EFT allows a person to correct emotional issues and receive improved physical and emotional health.

Different types of taps, from gentle to forceful, correct the meridians and restore energy flow. Fixing the energy flow helps to create a positive attitude and a healthy body. Balanced energy flow throughout the meridians improved overall well-being.


Many universities, including Stanford and Harvard, have studied the underlying basis of EFT. Similar to research for acupuncture, energy flow within the body, and the harmful effects of meridian disruption have been studied and documented. EFT has undergone multiple peer reviews with repeated positive results. Because EFT has minimal side effects, it has become a useful tool for alternative medicine. Some people do not experience benefits from EFT, usually because they have not adequately learned how to do the technique. A very small percentage of people (less than 3%) have experienced some emotional distress from tapping. They may have deep-rooted negative emotional experiences that require multiple forms of treatment and are not receptive to EFT alone. Most studies show that EFT is effective for emotional and physical ailments and helps a wide variety of people all over the world.

Benefits of EFT

EFT can help end emotional pain from anxiety, PSTD, and phobias. Restoring the meridian energy flow throughout the body allows the mind to overcome these challenges. EFT also improves or relieves many types of pain, including migraines, muscle pain, and stomach upset. EFT can help people to manage the stress and strain of chronic conditions. These physical ailments are thought to be caused by negative emotions that disrupt the body’s physical energy flow. Overall, people reported more profound relief and longer-lasting results using EFT than by only using various forms of traditional medicine, including pills and therapy.

Because EFT restores energy flow, many participants have reported improved physical performance. Athletes and those looking to lose and maintain their weight have been helped by EFT. Many physical problems that limit a healthy lifestyle are based on negative emotions. EFT helps correct the meridian flow, balances energy, and can lead to improved physical functioning.

Performing EFT

Trained EFT practitioners can help you get started performing EFT. You can also perform EFT on your own.

EFT involves five steps:

1. Identify the Issue

2. Access the Intensity

3. Self-Acceptance

4. Tapping Sequence

5. Test the Final Intensity

To correctly perform EFT, you must first identify and understand what emotional issue or fear is blocking your energy flow. EFT is performed on one issue at a time so that a person can experience and gauge their improvement results. Next, rate your issue on a scale of 1 to 10 for how much distress your issue is causing you. This allows you to determine how effective your EFT session has been when it’s completed.

Your EFT session statement focuses on both the issue and your acceptance of yourself, despite the issue you are facing. An EFT statement might be, “Even though I have (this issue), I completely accept myself.” Your EFT statement becomes your mantra during your session.

The tapping is done along the meridian lines at hot spots that correspond to your emotional issue. Practitioners can help you develop the right combination of tapping intensity to restore your energy flow. Once your session is completed, you again rate your distress, to judge your improvement from the session. Dropping from a level 10 to a level 5 means you’ve achieved a 50% improvement.

EFT can help you change your life. With proper practice, it can relieve emotional and physical pain by restoring the energy flow through your body’s meridians. EFT is a proven alternative medicine technique that has helped countless people find hope, healing & peace! 🦋

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