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Chapter 10: Being A Mindless Pawn Does Not Make Us A Hero. It Makes Us A Problem.

Feb 27, 2022
Core Spirit member since Oct 28, 2021
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Side note: I hope my wording in the last few chapters and the chapters to come are not too offending to some people. I am destined to write this book the way it is—because my messages need to be genuine and unfiltered. I am not here to win “love” or “admirers”. I am here to do my duty by humanity. To tell you what need you hear—whether you want to or not. Higher truths (any truths) are hard to “hear” and face. Because they are often things, we need to work on. Therefore, they are not meant to be pleasant and easy to accept.

I am sure source has unlimited talented and qualified writers to give my experiences to for a more refined result. Someone who can do magic with words and say things more charismatically. Someone who can attracts a lot more attentions to lessons they want to teach. Someone who does not need almost 10 years working on it almost daily. In trying conditions, to try to fulfill a task she thought is impossible for her to accomplish.

I am not just sure. I know there is a lot of talented writers out there. But the tasks is given to me and I will not apologize for trying to fulfill my duty the best I can. Believe me if this is not what I am destined to do. I would not have to go through half of what I went through. If I offend you, then you are not the one I am here to help. You should not be reading this book. But I thank you for spending the time.

At this stage of my journey, I now understand my lessons and understand what source is trying to show me upon this journey back to the “beginning”.

Ok, Jesus is born to humanity a long, long time ago as a gift (if the story is true). In a more forgiving perspective, back then we can maybe justify we lack the knowledge and resources we do today. Lack the common sense and intellectual experiences we have today—Did not yet have the rich history in experiences and wisdom that we are privileged to today. Thus, that is why we “unknowingly” stood by “helplessly” and watch God's gift to us being taken away. We had no choice in the matter.

This is the somewhat satisfying excuse we have been using to justify our sin against “God” for thousands or more years now. But what excuse do we have today that there are still so many people suffering. How do we explain in a world where we can grow things at will, and mass produce in milliseconds, why there are still people starving and homeless? What excuse can we give this “God” we so feverishly sworn to love, to worship, to respect, to fear—for the fact that His anonymous sons and daughters are still somewhere walking among humanity. Suffering physically from lack of clean water to drink, food to eat, clothes to wear, and roof over their heads?

What excuses do we have for them to be crashed under discriminations and persecution for their advance wisdoms—that we do not yet understand. Their skin color, their appearance, their very basic physical DNA (which is the same as us all)—their role, status, and the message they come to share with us? For the battles and wars that stripe them of the basics and necessities in life? What excuses do we have for all this? While declaring ourselves more “advance” than our ancestors, more “refined” in our intellect and mannerism than our “savage” history.

We believe we are so “advanced” and “refined” now than we were then. Yet, we mass produce excessive things we do not need nor want. To pollute the very air they breathe, water they drink, and soil they grow their food on. So “advance”, that we fool ourselves into paying for what is given to us for free in the first place (land, air, and water). This world is big enough and have enough resources for each family or individuals, to have a small roof over their heads. Yet, why are some individuals and some family out on the street—while some individuals have fives bedrooms home(s) with so many empty unused spaces?

We pray for a miracle; how do we know it has not already been granted? Who is to say that “God” have not already sent a few of His/Her sons and daughters to already live among us trying to help us—But they are too afraid to speak? Because we are basically smacking a reminder in their face every time, they see the cross and all they can see is the truth—That no matter how humanity dress it up and painted over the truth. Facts remind that humanity tortured and killed their brother—KNOWING he is the son of their God. Knowing he is here to HELP them.

Unlike back then, where word of mouth about the son of God can only be spread by an encounter. Or by people who have the privilege to travel, know how to read, and spread the words. Today, the world is smaller due to the internet and better transportations. Today, all around us. There are overwhelmingly continuous reminders to those that is sent to help; the evidence of how lost humanity have gotten since the initial act.

How can they speak up when we continuously smack them down with numerous overwhelming examples of how obviously stubborn and resistance to changes, we are? How blind we choose to be? With all the examples of crimes committed, glorified, and celebrated. With all the monsters we choose to create and ignore; and all the problems we delude ourselves with not being responsible for.

In the recent past we have Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong who slaughter millions. Because of ignorant people who choose—to blindly be convinced and brainwashed into buying those individual’s perspectives, visions, and beliefs. By blindly supporting and choosing not to see what is right in front of their faces. Therefore, they are not just a contributor to a problem—they are the problem. The MAIN part. Because without them, a single man like Hitler or Mao—cannot do all the damage we believe them to have done alone.

Being a mindless pawn does not make us a hero. It makes us a problem. The problem. Because without mindless support and ignorance; to overlook and allow horrific acts to bypass and masquerade as heroic—or “righteous” acts. We would not have the wars we have in our history. We would not have discriminations, stereotypes, and racisms. Because we would understand we do not need to fight over something as superficial and material—as terms and its definitions. We would have respects for boundaries and its limitations. We would accept it with enduring tolerances, wisdoms, and love.

Therefore, the supporters of those men and the ones who stood on the side—ignoring their duty to take actions against them. Are also responsible. The supporters especially—they support those men to express and act out their own ego and dark hidden nature. Then, they hide behind those two men’s names, to unleash their malicious nature with horrifying immoral acts. They commit their horrific acts and express their hideous nature. Then got away with it! Because in history, they are just part of a story and not THE story.

Those people think they have gotten away with their crime just because their names are not in the history book. And because no one thought of them as significant enough to blame them. But to the higher power who can see all. Know all. Who gave them brains, so that they can be “smart” enough to cover their tracks. Their great contribution to the crime exists—regardless of their “anonymous” status in this physical realm.

That is history. So, why am I bringing it back, right? Well, because history is repeating itself. “History” can no longer hide unmarked graves of innocents. Can no longer paint over the horrific deeds of the past. Or undermine truth with big words and “hush hush”. And for those who continue to think they can outsmart the higher power.
To all those “anonymous” contributors to the problems, and those who pretend ignorant to get away with it. To those who choose not to put in the effort toward their higher responsibilities and duties to OUR higher purpose. Let me be bluntly clear: You will not get away. You might be able to in this mundane world—temporarily, but everyone dies.

So, let our past be a reminder and our present be a warning. I am not saying all this because I am trying to scare people. We have lived in fear-base for long enough. It is time we evolve. We cannot evolve by being kept in mindless ignorance—due to being taught to fear a “God” that is not there! Hence, we can do whatever we want and justify it however we like—and think it is all forgiven. All forgotten, and we got away with the crimes we have committed against “Him”.

No, I am not here to scare anyone. My records are not to be used to invoke another phase of fear-base setbacks. I am only here to record. To inform. To bring lights to matters we have been mistaught. To clarify and cautions us on the choices we have. On the responsibilities we have for the privileges of being given that ability. Also, on the consequences of those choices and actions we choose to indulge in. I am only sharing it to let you know. If I can see the roots of our problems. So, can you. So, can Source. Therefore, maybe it is time we stop pretending to be so ignorance and start paying attention. Start fixing what need to be fix. Learn what we need to learn and get Hell home!!

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