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Kehinde Margret Makinde
The Cosmic Gardener
Daily she wears her head on her shoulders I could see on them the hem of stitches and seals Daily foot by foot, wheel by wheel Her will tows to plough for celestial wishes Daily her hands in the dirt and dark Sprouting fine sprouts from the soil And fine…
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Michael J Berkowitz
Sex and Aging/ Erectile Dysfunction
“Karl”, a successful, healthy, 72-year old businessman seemed to have it all. He was wealthy, with homes in New York and Germany. He was well-educated and world-traveled, and had had relationships with many beautiful, intelligent women. But Karl had an…
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Denise Craig
Deep trance state
There is a state of consciousness that will make many procedures such as the borrowed genius, artificial reincarnation, love meditation (sending love) or others a lot easier, it is when your body is a sleep (physical senses very reduced) and your mind is …
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Mack Glover
How a Medium's Brain Changes in a Trance
The supernatural experience of having the dead communicate through the living has now been analyzed with brain scans. Their brain activity suggests those more expert at entering these otherworldly trances often experienced a drop in focus, self-awareness…
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Demi Powell
Turns out Cannabis Activates The Pineal Gland
Pineal gland The pineal gland – mythical seat of spirituality and consciousness, the site of the primordial “third eye” – has been of fascination to humanity since its function and importance were discovered. It is well-known that the pineal gland respon…
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Denise Craig
What Techniques Work Best For Inducing an Out of Body Experience?
The Seven Most Effective Techniques for Inducing an Out of Body Experience Firstly, it is important to say that before attempting to use any of the Techniques for inducing an Out of Body Experience, you should be fully-relaxed in mind and body. Out-of-Bo…
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Denise Craig
Types of Spiritual Trance
As a hard/devotional polytheist at the mystical, spirit-working, “high-woo” end of the spectrum, trance work is a major aspect of my religion. I practice it. I read about it. I teach it. I guard other people while they practice it. I’m soaking in it. So n…
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