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2 min.
May 17 2023
How to Read the Destiny Matrix Chart: A Guide to Your Life's Blueprint

In the vast realm of metaphysical practices, the Destiny Matrix Chart stands out as a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Derived from ancient wisdom and modern interpretations, this chart offers insights into the intricate…

Demi Powell
7 min.
Dec 13 2021
Love & Money Numerology Shows You How To Attract Both

Probably one of the most popular phrases often quoted from the Bible is that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” So much so that there is a classic song called. “For the Love of Money.”

And it is easy to see why someone can be so obsessed with m…

Clifford Mahdi Eberhardt
2 min.
Mar 29 2018
Kabbalistic Numerology and the Miracle of Chanukah

There’s a natural order to our beautiful world.

Day follows night. Sunset follows sunrise. In the autumn, the leaves turn to rust. In the spring, we witness revival. Nature flows in a rhythmic cadence. Time presses on.

This is the physical world. And it…

Virgil Howell
2 min.
Mar 29 2018
My Journey And Numerology

My life is surrounded by the number 9 and by coincidences that just cannot be. I have always felt angels around me my whole life. It first came out when I was 9 years old and I would dream of relatives I had never met and having overwhelming feelings of s…

Erika Wright
9 min.
Mar 29 2018
A numerology expert reveals how to unlock your life's future course

Suppose you were asked to drive to an unfamiliar destination.

Would you set off in what you guessed might be the right direction and hope for the best?

Or would you consult a map and save yourself umpteen wrong turns along the way?

Most of us would sur…

Erika Wright
2 min.
Mar 29 2018
The Which means Of Numerology: 10 Causes To Know It Now

It all is dependent on what lessons you require to master.

Favourable Attributes of Selection 8

There are many beneficial attributes that surround the number eight which consist of:

Determined, effective, faithful, useful, consistent, fiscally capable,…

Erika Wright

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$99 USD
Matrix of Destiny – Decode Your Life Purpose

Using just your birthday, this method of numerology will allow me to provide you with an extensive description of the path you are meant to walk in this life. This includes not only your purpose and lessons that you need to learn but also:

  • Where you can take comfort
  • Your inner core
  • How other people see you
  • The way to connect to the universe
  • Your major karmic lessons
  • How you can make money
  • What blocks do you need to overcome in relationships
  • What will you bring into a relationship
  • Your personal lessons that you need to learn
  • What you can give to wider humanity
  • Your spiritual destiny
  • What energy you have going into the next years and how to maximize them

and much more.

This will include a 1 hour call and a audio recording and chart for you to be sent after our call.

Kayla Stan
$10 USD
coaching session
Life Path Consult

Find out your life path now based on pythagorean numerology. Get adivce on how to interact with your life path to maximize your feelings and fulfillment and learn what the next holds for your energy.

We live in 9 year cycles, are you maximizing the universal energy around you? Find out now.

Kayla Stan
$11 USD
Relationship Compatibility by the Numbers

Are you and your love destined for a harmonious path or one filled with passion and creativity?

Find out how compatible you and your partner are based on your dates of birth. This uses Pythagorean style numerology to determine how compatible you are and give you some advice about navigating your relationships.

This doesn't need to be a romantic love if you are interested in a parent, friend, or other family member as well.

Kayla Stan
$44 USD
Numerology Profile: The Five Major Numbers

Have you ever noticed the patterns around you and wanted to understand the desires, strengths, and path your soul came into this life?

You are not alone and I can help you learn about your unique soul blueprint. Numerology is the study of your translating your name and birthday into numbers which can tell you information about your desires, strengths, personality, life path and more. Throughout this consultation I will calculate your number profile and work with you to understand current blocks and opportunities you can pursue that will align with your soul.

In this profile you will get the three major personality profile numbers, your life path, the energy for this year, and a couple extra numbers that you should definitely know as you go through life.

Kayla Stan
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.