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Harnessing the Power of Numerology: Using Numerology Archetypes to Define Your Brand Purpose
Oct 26, 2023

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Another simple brand numerology hack…

In the world of branding and business, finding your unique identity and purpose is essential for standing out in a crowded marketplace. One innovative approach gaining popularity is using numerology archetypes to define your brand’s purpose. In brand strategy, we have the concept of the 12 brand archetypes. We use these archetypes as a quick way to unpack what these brands stand for and how they show up. Similarly, in numerology life path numbers, we have 12 life paths to choose from, each with their own unique style, energy and desires.

I posted about these brand path numbers on my instagram a while ago, and a follower asked me about using these numbers with the classic brand archetypes. So, I thought I would share how this is done as essentially they are very similar, just named differently.

By linking life path numbers to brand archetypes, businesses can craft a strategy that deeply resonates with their target audience and create your “brand path” number. In this article, we’ll explore how you can leverage numerology to shape your brand’s purpose and choose an auspicious launch date.

Linking Life Path Numbers to Brand Archetypes
Brand Path 1: The Leader
Brand Archetype: The Ruler

Traits: Ambitious, assertive, visionary, and innovative.
Purpose: Inspiring change, pioneering new ideas, and leading the way in your industry.
Life Path 2: The Collaborator
Brand Archetype: The Lover

Traits: Cooperative, empathetic, diplomatic, and nurturing.
Purpose: Building strong relationships, fostering community, and creating a sense of belonging.
Life Path 3: The Creative
Brand Archetype: The Creator / The Rebel

Traits: Creative, expressive, dynamic, and optimistic.
Purpose: Bringing fresh ideas to life, inspiring creativity, and engaging with a vibrant audience.
Brand Path 4: The Builder
Brand Archetype: The Everyman

Traits: Dependable, organised, practical, and compassionate.
Purpose: Providing reliable solutions, creating a sense of security, and nurturing trust.
Life Path 5: The Explorer
Brand Archetype: The Explorer

Traits: Adventurous, dynamic, adaptable, and forward-thinking.
Purpose: Embracing change, exploring new horizons, and pushing boundaries in your industry.
Life Path 6: The Nurturer
Brand Archetype: The Caregiver

Traits: Responsible, caring, wise, and empathetic.
Purpose: Offering guidance, fostering well-being, and creating a nurturing environment.
Life Path 7: The Sage
Brand Archetype: The Sage

Traits: Introspective, analytical, spiritual, and insightful.
Purpose: Providing wisdom, facilitating growth, and uncovering deeper truths.
Life Path 8: The Powerhouse
Brand Archetype: The Magician

Traits: Driven, ambitious, influential, and authoritative.
Purpose: Achieving prosperity, leading with confidence, and making a significant impact.
Life Path 9: The Humanitarian
Brand Archetype: The Hero / The Jester

Traits: Compassionate, visionary, altruistic, and spiritually aware.
Purpose: Inspiring positive change, contributing to a greater cause, and making a difference in the world.
Life Path 11: The Intuitive
Brand Archetype: The Innocent / The Magician

Traits: Intuition, psychic abilities, spirituality
Purpose: To guide people through their spiritual awakening, to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness, to use intuitive gifts to guide others
Life Path 22: The Architect
Brand Archetype: The Rebel / The Everyman

Traits: Practical, ingenious, balanced, transformative
Purpose: To create new structures to enable transformation.
Life Path 33: The Mother
Brand Archetype: The Lover / The Caregiver

Traits: Unconditional love, warm, empathetic
Purpose: To provide love, to guide unconditional love and support.
Going deeper to create an aligned brand
This is only one step in creating an aligned brand. The truth is, we can use numerology to guide every element of the brand strategy creation including:

  1. Creating a numerology-infused brand name
  2. Using the brand name to craft the brand positioning, character and tone
  3. Creating powerful brand planning aligned to the brand’s unique year and month cycle
  4. Choosing powerful launch dates for the business, new products and services based on the success we are looking for

By using numerology to define your brand strategy, you can infuse your business with a deeper sense of meaning and resonance. Remember, this is a tool to guide your intuitive decision-making, and the ultimate success of your brand still relies on your dedication, vision, and the value you offer to your audience. If you would like to learn more, check out my website to grab some free resources, or contact me for a consultation.

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