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Emotional Trauma Therapy
Jan 2 2022
Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Broken glass shattered into millions of tiny pieces.
Something no one would think of put back together.
You look at it and think sweep it up and throw it way.
So many people sweep up broken glass and discard it like its nothing.
Broken glass…

Anjy Dunlap
1 min.
Emotional Trauma Therapy
Nov 17 2021
Creating Structure & Developing Routines Alleviates Sadness (4 Tips)

We all go through sad times, it’s probably one of the most universal human experiences. Some people experience sadness in waves and others may experience a particularly difficult week or month.
Either way, here are some tips to help with the heaviness. Ad…

Dilreet Kaur
3 min.
Emotional Trauma Therapy
Sep 21 2021
Why So Many Empaths Have Sacral Chakra Blocks

“I was an empath in the womb. Oh- I was absorbing my mom’s emotions.” It was beautiful to witness this epiphany she had. Beautiful because now those layers of holding others’ weight were shedding. Now she could sift out what was hers and what didn’t b…

Sara Dessau Lopez
12 min.
Emotional Trauma Therapy
Apr 28 2021
The Ultimate Guide: How Emotional Stress Causes Physical Illness

Emotional trauma and stress are directly connected to ongoing physical illness and physical symptoms that most of us negotiate.

When we have an overwhelming fear episode, our body goes into a physical and emotional response we know as “fight or flight.” …

Kiran Trace

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Emotional Trauma Therapy
$55 USD
healing session
NLP, Hypnosis and Neuromodulation Fusion

A dynamic, science based process designed to activate your neurology and release pain (emotional & physical), connected to a somatic (bodily) address.

You will learn how to use your body, breath & memories to clear blockages and completely remove…

Agnieszka Furtak
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$150 USD
healing session
1-Hour Personalized Intuitive Healing Session

Since I practice a wide range of modalities (including but not limited to Reiki, Inner Child Work, Ego Alchemy [aka Shadow Work], and Womb/Sacral Healing), I’m able to offer a variety of services… but I want to keep it simple for you! In this appointment,…

Ashley Tilson
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$10 USD
coaching session
OFFER ~ Astrology / tarot 500 word write up

I am an Astrologer with 20+ years experience, and I have also been studying psychology, relationships, animal behaviour and psychic sensations consistently throughout my life.

It is my life calling to help people to feel freer, happier and more authentic…

Joëlle O'Toole
Emotional Trauma Therapy
$220 USD
healing session
Emotional Release Session

Emotional Release and Trauma therapy session (90 mintues).

This approach focuses on directly communicating with pent up emotions that are stored within the body.
The unique combination of bodywork, verbal guidance and breath allows the client to safely r…

Ashley Frost
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