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What to Do When You Haven't Been Feeling Like Yourself
Apr 3, 2020

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If you’ve noticed that you haven’t been feeling quite like yourself recently, there could be many things responsible for the change. You could just be stressed out from work. It’s entirely possible that having too much going on in your life and being so caught up in day-to-day tasks is putting too much of a strain on you. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves until we start to notice the physical symptoms of being overworked and overstressed. Take some time for yourself and make the effort to get back to who you are.

Self Reflection

Take some time to self reflect and consider what has been going on in your life recently. You could go for a walk outside or just sit quietly somewhere quietly to think. Where in your life is there tension? Perhaps you have gotten away from your true purpose in life. If your days are filled with obligations and nothing that makes you happy, this can eventually wear you down, so it’s important to make time to do things that you enjoy as well.


A good way to start to get yourself back to feeling like yourself is to make a routine. Even a simple daily routine of getting up in the morning and having a cup of coffee or tea and taking five minutes to yourself to reflect, think of some positive thoughts and something that you are grateful for, will improve your state of mind. Set an intention for your day and do your best to stick with it. A routine will give you something to focus on and pull you out of behaviors that aren’t serving you.

New Hobbies

Maybe you are feeling a little stuck lately, so this would be a good time to explore something new. Take a class to learn something different and new. If there is a topic that you’ve always been interested in, now is the time to pursue it. Make the effort to do this for yourself and you may find a new hobby that you love and that will help you express yourself. This can help spark your creativity again. You could make new friends that you can do other activities with and find common ground together. You may discover a new support system of people that share your interests and inspire you to do more. This can help you to move forward.

Social Activities

Another way to improve how you’ve been feeling is by being social. If you’re feeling down or not quite right, it can be tempting to retreat into yourself and spend all your downtime sleeping or watching TV. However, locking yourself away from others will just make you feel worse. Make yourself spend some time with other people. Call your friends and family to catch up or invite them to get coffee or dinner. You can start small, but don’t push away the people in your life.

Rest and Exercise Balance

If you’re not feeling quite right, and have been tired and moody, you need to get plenty of rest. Let your body heal and recuperate, but don’t give in to temptation and spend all your time in bed. You still need to get some physical exercise on a regular basis. Getting your body moving is a great thing to do if you’re feeling stuck. Just don’t push yourself too hard.

Medical Advice

If you have been feeling off for a while, you should consider talking to your doctor to rule out any medical conditions. Perhaps there is a medical reason behind how you feel, or maybe your body is just a little out of balance and you could benefit from taking a hormone balance supplement or other support.

Try a few different things to shake up your routine and see if you can get yourself feeling back to normal. It may take some time, but gradually you should start to notice some improvements. You may even find that you feel better than ever after adopting a new routine and mindset.

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