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How To Prioritize Your Own Mental Health

There are a lot of misconceptions about prioritizing your physical and mental health that are floating around in society. For example, there are many beliefs that your mental health is fundamentally controlled by your physical health. However, this is not correct and it is important to understand that both physical and mental health need to be treated differently. That is not to say that one could have an impact on the other, but rather that one should be appropriately diagnosed separately from the other. In order for you to understand how you can prioritize your mental health, keep in mind the following tips.

Identify and Understand Your Signs

Your body is able to give you warning signs for when you are not feeling well emotionally and mentally, just like it is able to do so when you are not feeling well physically. However, it is much more difficult to identify these warning signs. Sometimes these warning signs are little shifts in your feelings or your thoughts, such as unwelcome sadness or thoughts of doubt and emotional repression.

Keep in mind that these warning signs should be unattached from actual events that could trigger strong feelings of emotion. For example, it is okay to be sad when a tragic event happens in your life. It is when the sadness comes to your mind without any external trigger that you should begin to identify and understand that your mental health might be in need of some nourishment. Additionally, if you are able to identify and understand the early signs, you will have a higher chance of pulling yourself back into a position of control before things further spiral out of control.

Triggers and Proactive Measures

As mentioned above, there are triggers that can result in an appropriate level of sadness or anger, such as the death of a loved one or losing a job. There are, however, negative triggers that you can avoid, such as viewing something online or talking to a specific person. There are things in the lives of everybody that can trigger adverse emotional responses which are often easy to eradicate or suppress. The most difficult thing to do is to identify these triggers and understand how to move them away from you.

If you have a friend or colleague that constantly berates you or brings you down, it might be time to sever your ties with them. There might be a specific website online that you like to visit during the day that, despite what you might believe, can bring down your mood. For example, there are many websites online that are meant for humor or enjoyment, but oftentimes the jokes come at the expense of others. If you find yourself viewing things like that, it might be time to cut them out of your life.

Seek Help

It is difficult to know when it is the right time to seek help from others. You probably do not want to come off as the person who appears to be seeking attention, or maybe you do not feel like your emotions are strong enough to go get some help. What you need to understand, however, is that it is okay to look for help, even when you feel like your situation is insignificant.

There are so many places to go to that help any number of people seeking help. There are places like the rehab centers in Utah that help individuals from all walks of life seek the help they deserve for their mental wellbeing. What you need to do is admit to yourself that your mental health deserves a fighting chance in order for you to be healthy as a whole.

If you feel like you are struggling or that you are in need of help, this is an invitation for you to go out and seek a professional. You may not feel it, but you do matter. You have people that love you and care about you.

Indy Summers
Tips For Growing Into A Greener Lifestyle

The grass can truly be greener on the other side where sustainability lives. Many of us want to include more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into our daily lives but are unsure of where to start. While recycling is an obvious area, we can take it a step further in other areas of our lives to promote sustainability. The planet needs our help and we need to maintain and extend the life of our forever home, so consider which of these strategies best fits into your life to create a more eco-friendly life.

Avoid One-Time Use

One-time use products can be a component of your life that requires just a little bit of attention to diminish your impact. These products result in a great deal of packaging being used and then immediately trashed, filling landfills and creating more waste. One-time products that can be easily replaced with reusable options are plastic utensils from takeout, plastic water bottles and individually wrapped foods. Whether you choose to invest in a set of travel silverware, reusable water bottles, or reusable bags, these are wonderful alternatives that can positively impact your single-use usage.

Switch Out Your Bags

Have you ever received a reusable canvas or tote bags as a promotional giveaway or spotted large reusable shopping bags that you can purchase at checkout lines? These often very inexpensive, if not free, little wonders that present you with a unique opportunity to introduce greener practices into your life. By scrapping the one-time use plastic bags that often get immediately thrown away at home for reusable tote bags, you can increase your sustainability efforts with each shopping trip.

Reduce Your Paper Mail

The digital age has presented us with unique opportunities to increase our green efforts through electronic billing. By simply reducing the amount of paper mail you receive, you can establish a more environmentally friendly household. Consider taking the time to cancel old mailings and catalogs and change your billing settings to only send you electronic statements and bills. This simple act can yield amazing benefits to improve your home.

Choose Appliances and Household Tools With Care

Common household items can strongly impact your ability to create sustainable and maintainable efforts. Low energy, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products and appliances can positively impact your green efforts without you even actively paying attention to them. By choosing products with care and consideration from the start, you can reduce your environmental impact and oftentimes save money over the long run.

Alternative Energy

Energy sources to power your home can be massively consuming and wasteful. The choice of turning off lights when you leave a room or not letting your air conditioner run for too long are only a few areas in terms of energy to reduce your environmental impact in your home. The use of alternative power sources to power your home, such as illinois solar power which can offer significant benefits to your home over the long haul. While solar power may require an initial investment, this can also power your home with a sustainable energy source and increase the value of your home at the same time. While many homes were traditionally not utilizing solar power, alternative energy sources open many doors while reducing environmental damage.

Travel Wisely

Traveling is an area of our lives that can reduce your carbon emission and reduce your environmental impact. Whether this is choosing a more energy-efficient or gas alternative vehicle or reducing unnecessary travel, there are options for every budget and every need in terms of travel and embracing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Traveling is a luxury that yields many benefits, but needs to be conducted responsibly to ensure that there are still vacation sites to visit.

Introducing greener practices into your home and life may feel like a challenge, but with these simple changes, you can improve your planetary impact and even save yourself money in the future. These sustainability adjustments range in initial investment, but there are options for every budget, family and lifestyle.

Indy Summers
Financial Goals That Reduces Stress

Growing up means taking responsibility for many things. You may find yourself cooking healthy meals and exercising rather than buying take-out and watching TV. But being a financially savvy adult means more than simply paying your bills on time. Here are six money goals you should be working toward, starting today.

Maximize Your Income

By now, you should be making well over entry-level pay, especially if you are working in your chosen career field. However, you may not be making as much as you can. Furthering your education can pay off handsomely. Some firms require college degrees for promotions or advancement; others prefer job-specific certification. Inquire at your workplace, then take the steps necessary to move up. Once you have gained the required skills, be bold about taking on new responsibilities and asking for appropriate pay raises.

Minimize Your Debt

As you begin making more money, be smart about how you use it. Pay off debt, starting with high-interest credit cards. Keep up with payments on secured debt such as vehicle payments to avoid repossession. Paying double the minimums on personal loans can take years off the repayment periods. Experts often advise allocating up to 20% of your income to debt servicing; when all debt is paid off, you can reroute that 20% into saving and investing.

Become a Property Owner

Housing is often an adult’s largest monthly expense. When you rent, you are all but throwing that money away — you will never see a penny of it again. When you own your property, you do still have a significant monthly housing expense called a mortgage. But it is better by far to have a mortgage than a rent payment. First, depending on the type of loan, the mortgage payment remains the same from one year to the next. Compare that to rent, which can be raised every month. Second, each mortgage payment reduces the amount of money you owe, which means that over time you build equity in your home. Eventually, the mortgage payments end and you own your home outright.

Have an Emergency Fund

Experts have long advised having a savings account with several months of living expenses, to insulate you from major tragedies like a job loss or medical disability. However, a much smaller amount can protect you from common emergencies. A recent economic report stated that the magical number is $2,467. You can find your own sweet spot, but keep in mind that the idea is to prevent unforeseen issues from derailing your budget. For some, as little as $500 in savings can accomplish that. Alternatively, start with one month’s housing expense, then add an extra $1000 for each vehicle you own and $500 for each pet.

Follow an Investment Strategy

You work hard for your money. Investing it wisely can make it work hard for you. If you are like most people, you want to retire with a bit more than your superannuation. If you participate in Kiwisaver, you can set aside as much as 10% of your gross annual income, with your employer matching up to 3% every year. Do not turn this money down. Once you have an emergency fund set up and your retirement needs taken care of, look into intermediate-term investing. You can invest in property, stocks or bonds; a balanced portfolio may have all three. A good financial advisor or investment course can start you on your way to a prosperous future.

Create an Estate Plan

If you have dependents, you need life insurance. Buy enough to replace your income for five years or more. Term insurance is often quite affordable. Purchase a policy that covers you until your dependents are old enough to earn a comfortable income of their own. Next, if you have any assets, you should draft a will. That way, you determine who inherits what, rather than leaving it for the legal system to decide. Each situation is different; see an estate planning specialist for the best advice.

Indy Summers
What Makes Green Superfoods So Super?

The wellness industry has taken off at lightning speed. People are searching for ways to bring balance into their lives and promote healthful habits. Green superfoods have been promoted as a way to boost health and provide a nutritional punch to otherwise lacking diets. But do you know what superfoods are, or what exactly makes them so great? It turns out there isn’t one thing that makes them stand out.

A well-rounded diet sourced from whole foods is the best way to meet your nutritional needs. That is widely accepted by medical professionals and nutritionists. however, it isn’t a reality for many people. That is where supplements come in. However, they are not all of the same value. Superfoods can help answer the demand for supplementation by providing natural sources of nutrients.

What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods pack a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into a small package. Supplements made from them are generally low in calories and minimally processed. That helps align with the idea that dietary needs be met form whole food sources. There are many different types of superfoods, including:

-Leafy greens, like spinach and chard



-Dark chocolate

-Various teas

Green superfoods, in particular, offer a way to add many vitamins and phytonutrients to your diet. Some examples of green superfoods include leafy greens, seaweed, spirulina, carrots and other vegetables. However, if you aren’t big ion eating your vegetables, a high-quality green superfood powder can provide them in a concentrated and easy to use form.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

Fruits and vegetables are known to boost health. They are low in calories, packed with fiber and offer a wide array of vitamins and minerals, They also provide essential nutrients like antioxidants to your diet. Experts recommend that you include up to 10 or more servings each day. Most people fall short of that goal, which results in nutritional deficiency. Green superfood supplements are a great way to make up for any shortfalls.

There are many reported health benefits associated with eating green superfoods. They provide huge amounts of vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as a good variety of B vitamins. In addition, they are excellent sources of iron, potassium, carotenoids, calcium and magnesium. Each of these offers benefits to your health. It is their amazing antioxidant levels, however, where superfoods truly shine.

Antioxidants slow cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals and oxidative stress. There are numerous antioxidants, and each serves its own purpose. That means they are not interchangeable and you need to consume a wide assortment to maximize their benefits. Adequate levels are linked to lower rates of chronic inflammation, heart disease and some forms of cancer. Additionally, they may help reduce age-related disorders like arthritis and vision loss.

The vitamin boost from a greens supplement can give you added energy, despite its limited calorie count, making them an excellent option for people on reduced-calorie eating plans. They also help balance pH levels within your blood to combat inflammation and bolster immune responses.

What Ingredients Should You Look For?

Greens powders tend to be made from dehydrated vegetables. Not all supplements are made the same. Some may have added sweeteners to improve their flavor. You may also find fiber from sources like rice bran or apples. When shopping for powdered green superfoods, it can pay to look for products that include additional beneficial ingredients. A few examples of what you might find include:

Seaweed and algae, like phycocyanin-rich spirulina for their antioxidants

Leafy greens and grasses for their high vitamin profile

Probiotics to boost gut health

Digestive enzymes to ease digestion and promote nutrient absorption

Many powdered supplements are minimally processed. You will also probably find that most are made with ingredients that are listed as all-natural or organic. That means you are getting high doses of vitamins and nutrients without added chemicals.

Green superfood supplements are an excellent addition to a diet that is lacking in certain nutrients. They offer a healthy way to get a wide array of nutrients with only a minimal addition of calories. Those nutrients are linked to myriad health benefits like improved energy levels, stronger immune systems, and reduced incidence of disease.

Indy Summers
Health and Educational Tips When Preparing for College

High school can be a stressful time for teenagers and one of the most important parts of going to high school involves thinking about what comes next. For many students, they are thinking about going to college. This seems like the next step in life for many people. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to college admissions and this is where college admissions counselors are incredibly helpful. There are a few tips that every student and family should follow when it comes to college admissions.

Developing a Well-Rounded Student: Academics are First

One of the most important steps in college admissions counseling involves coming up with a well-rounded student. Yes, it is important to focus on grades; however, getting into college involves so much more than this. Remember that the goal of colleges and universities is to develop great people and not just great students. Therefore, there are a number of factors that are going to play a role in college admissions.

First, academics are obviously going to play a role. Students need to do well in their classes. This is the most important part of the application. A university is going to take a look at the rigor of the school the person came from. The fact is that some schools have harder classes than others. Therefore, an A earned at one school is not going to be the same as an A at another school.

Furthermore, there is a level playing field to compare students from different schools on equal terms. One option is AP classes. AP classes are particularly challenging and will play a role in college admissions. Students who earn a 4 or a 5 on an AP exam might even receive college credit. The other way to level the playing field is the SAT. Alternatively, some students might also take the ACT. These tests are going to play a role in the college admissions process; however, they are not everything.

Extracurriculars Are Going to Come Next

Once the academics are in place, the next aspect of college admissions involves extracurricular activities. One of the most important extracurriculars is music. There are lots of students who have musical talents that they might want to bring to bear in the college admissions process. One of the great options is to send a recording of someone playing. Of course, two people might play the same instrument for ten years; however, one might be in a very different place. Using a recording is a great way for someone to showcase their talents.

On the other hand, some students prefer to focus on sports. Many students might even get offered a scholarship to a top university to play. This is a great way for someone to earn an education and compete in a sport they love at the same time.

Whether someone does well in music or athletics, it is a good idea to ask music teachers and coaches to ask for letters of recommendation. This is a great way for someone to demonstrate their commitment to a passion that might not be reflected by a letter grade. Think about leveraging these extracurricular activities on an application.

The Final Decision on the Application

In the end, all of this has to be put on paper in the form of an application during the college admissions process. One of the most important parts of this application is the essay. One of the most common topics is why someone wants to go to that particular school. It is important not to use the same essay for every school because each school is different.

Therefore, when writing an essay, take the time to research each school thoroughly. Figure out what makes that school unique. Then, explain how the student and the school are a perfect fit. This is how someone can truly stand out during the college admissions process.

Indy Summers
What to Do When You Haven't Been Feeling Like Yourself

If you’ve noticed that you haven’t been feeling quite like yourself recently, there could be many things responsible for the change. You could just be stressed out from work. It’s entirely possible that having too much going on in your life and being so caught up in day-to-day tasks is putting too much of a strain on you. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves until we start to notice the physical symptoms of being overworked and overstressed. Take some time for yourself and make the effort to get back to who you are.

Self Reflection

Take some time to self reflect and consider what has been going on in your life recently. You could go for a walk outside or just sit quietly somewhere quietly to think. Where in your life is there tension? Perhaps you have gotten away from your true purpose in life. If your days are filled with obligations and nothing that makes you happy, this can eventually wear you down, so it’s important to make time to do things that you enjoy as well.


A good way to start to get yourself back to feeling like yourself is to make a routine. Even a simple daily routine of getting up in the morning and having a cup of coffee or tea and taking five minutes to yourself to reflect, think of some positive thoughts and something that you are grateful for, will improve your state of mind. Set an intention for your day and do your best to stick with it. A routine will give you something to focus on and pull you out of behaviors that aren’t serving you.

New Hobbies

Maybe you are feeling a little stuck lately, so this would be a good time to explore something new. Take a class to learn something different and new. If there is a topic that you’ve always been interested in, now is the time to pursue it. Make the effort to do this for yourself and you may find a new hobby that you love and that will help you express yourself. This can help spark your creativity again. You could make new friends that you can do other activities with and find common ground together. You may discover a new support system of people that share your interests and inspire you to do more. This can help you to move forward.

Social Activities

Another way to improve how you’ve been feeling is by being social. If you’re feeling down or not quite right, it can be tempting to retreat into yourself and spend all your downtime sleeping or watching TV. However, locking yourself away from others will just make you feel worse. Make yourself spend some time with other people. Call your friends and family to catch up or invite them to get coffee or dinner. You can start small, but don’t push away the people in your life.

Rest and Exercise Balance

If you’re not feeling quite right, and have been tired and moody, you need to get plenty of rest. Let your body heal and recuperate, but don’t give in to temptation and spend all your time in bed. You still need to get some physical exercise on a regular basis. Getting your body moving is a great thing to do if you’re feeling stuck. Just don’t push yourself too hard.

Medical Advice

If you have been feeling off for a while, you should consider talking to your doctor to rule out any medical conditions. Perhaps there is a medical reason behind how you feel, or maybe your body is just a little out of balance and you could benefit from taking a hormone balance supplement or other support.

Try a few different things to shake up your routine and see if you can get yourself feeling back to normal. It may take some time, but gradually you should start to notice some improvements. You may even find that you feel better than ever after adopting a new routine and mindset.

Indy Summers
How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Comfortable at Home

You depend on your eyes for almost everything, so you need to take care of them the best you can. The first step is, of course, seeing your eye doctor every year for any changes. However, eye care doesn’t just stop after your appointment. There are many more things you can do right from home to protect your eyes and avoid problems in the future. Here are several steps to ensure your eyes feel comfortable and stay healthy.

Eat a Diet That Supports Eyesight

While you should already be eating a nutritious diet, there are certain foods you can add to support strong eyesight. If you enjoy fish, rejoice! Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that help keep eyes lubricated. Leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, are also beneficial because they contain a nutrient called lutein that helps keep eyes disease-free. You can also find lutein in squash and broccoli. Foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A are fantastic for the eye’s cornea and can be found in sweet potatoes, carrots and cantaloupe.

Go Easy on Makeup

When choosing eye makeup, select well-known brands and ones that are hypoallergenic. Never use cheap knock-offs, or fakes, that can be made from questionable ingredients. It’s also vital to remove your eye makeup every night. Eyeshadow and mascara can get caked-up in your lashes and become difficult to remove. This can eventually clog the oil glands in your eyelids and cause dry eye. Be sure to use a gentle makeup remover, or even a warm washcloth and baby shampoo to remove every trace.

Care for Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an amazing alternative to eyeglasses and millions of people use them. However, contacts have to be cared for meticulously. If you don’t keep them clean, or change them often enough, you could risk getting an eye infection. Be sure to always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contacts. You also want to reorder new lenses from sites like https://www.contactlensesplus.com/ so you always have a fresh supply. A high-quality cleaning and soaking solution is also a must.

Treat Your Allergies

When allergies strike in the spring and fall, your eyes can take the brunt. Watery and itchy eyes can feel unbearable and when you rub and scratch, you risk getting dirt in them and even scratching the eye’s surface. Treat your allergies as a whole, including a reputable brand of eye drops that are made specifically for allergies and not just red eyes, which could exacerbate the problem. If allergies persist, make an appointment with your eye doctor and ask if they can prescribe something stronger.

Try an Oil Supplement

If you suffer from dry eyes, you might do well to try an oil supplement. Fish oil has been found to be helpful in keeping eyes lubricated since it contains omega-3. If you can’t stand the taste of fish oil supplements, or you’re a vegetarian, you can try taking flaxseed oil instead. Always check with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement. When you start, begin gradually until you work your way up to the recommended dosage.

Cut Down on Computer Use

It’s hard to get through the day without spending at least a little time on the computer. People use them at work, home and even to watch movies, usually at a much closer distance than a TV. Make a commitment to reduce the time you spend on the computer. When you must, try wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses. This helps cut down on the glare and reduces the eye strain and fatigue that computer use causes.

Make Your Eyes a Priority

Your eyesight is the most important of your senses. Make taking care of your eyes a priority by seeing your doctor regularly, taking care of your contacts and eating a healthy, eye-friendly diet. You’ll be able to see better and your eyes will feel much more comfortable, not just today but down the road, too.

Indy Summers
Make Your Life a Little Easier This Summer

For a large part of the population, saving money is more important now than ever. There are several ways of cutting household expenses here and there. One of the best ways is by lowering your monthly utility bill. This will not only save you money, but it will also help to preserve the environment by lowering energy consumption. Keep your finances and the planet in the green by:

Raising the Temperature

Setting your thermostat temperature to at least 75 degrees will make a positive impact on your utility bill. Remember to set it higher (around 78 degrees) when you leave the house. Be sure to keep it comfortable for pets that you may have, though. A smart thermostat is a great investment and will pay for itself in the long run. Some will learn your routine and will begin self-programming based on your daily habits.

Running Fans

Running a fan will generally make the room seem up to four degrees cooler than its actual temperature. This means that you can raise the temperature on your thermostat four degrees without feeling much difference. Be sure to set your ceiling fan blades to rotate counterclockwise in the summer and on a low speed. This setting will allow cool air to be pushed down into the room. Anytime you’re going to leave the room for more than half an hour, turn fans off to save electricity from the running fans.

Replacing Filters

Replace your HVAC air filters every three months. Begin the spring with a new air filter before you start running the air conditioner regularly. This will ensure that the filter is filtering allergens (e.g., pollen) to its full capacity at the time of year that you need it most. Your air conditioner will also have to work harder, using more energy, if the air filters are dirty.

Harnessing Solar Power

While it requires an initial investment, installing solar panels at your home will pay for itself down the road (check with your state regarding tax credits and rebates). On sunny days more energy will be harnessed than you’ll use, so the extra will go towards supplying the electrical grid (your utility company may credit your bill for this). By using solar power you’re reducing your use of the electricity that’s coming from the local power plant, thereby reducing pollution.

Choosing the Microwave

Avoid overworking your air conditioner by opting for your microwave over your oven. It uses only about one-third of the energy, and it also doesn’t contribute heat to the kitchen the way an oven does; an oven can raise the temperature of a kitchen up to 10 degrees. If you have to bake, consider using a toaster oven instead of a full-size oven. Outdoor grilling is also a great way to conserve energy; you’re using no electricity and you’re keeping the extra heat out of your home.

Using LED Bulbs

LED bulbs only generate about half the amount of heat that incandescent bulbs produce and they use approximately 75% less energy while staying cool to the touch (a traditional bulb can turn up to 90% of its energy into heat, heating your room). You’ll save on energy costs and you’ll also buy light bulbs less often since LED bulbs last about 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Sealing Cracks

Small openings around doors and windows can let warm air inside and cool air outside. Keep your home more energy efficient by sealing cracks with weatherstripping or caulk.

Closing Curtains

Having sunlight coming through your windows in the winter can do wonders warming up a room. It’s great in the winter, but in the summer it will cause your air conditioner to work more than it needs to. Use blinds and curtains to block the sun during the warmest times of day (between noon and 4 p.m.), especially for south-facing windows.

Stay cool this summer while still conserving your household’s energy usage. You’ll be limiting your reliance on the local power grid, which will save money and help the environment.

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