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Tips For Growing Into A Greener Lifestyle

Apr 17, 2020
Indy Summers
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The grass can truly be greener on the other side where sustainability lives. Many of us want to include more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into our daily lives but are unsure of where to start. While recycling is an obvious area, we can take it a step further in other areas of our lives to promote sustainability. The planet needs our help and we need to maintain and extend the life of our forever home, so consider which of these strategies best fits into your life to create a more eco-friendly life.

Avoid One-Time Use

One-time use products can be a component of your life that requires just a little bit of attention to diminish your impact. These products result in a great deal of packaging being used and then immediately trashed, filling landfills and creating more waste. One-time products that can be easily replaced with reusable options are plastic utensils from takeout, plastic water bottles and individually wrapped foods. Whether you choose to invest in a set of travel silverware, reusable water bottles, or reusable bags, these are wonderful alternatives that can positively impact your single-use usage.

Switch Out Your Bags

Have you ever received a reusable canvas or tote bags as a promotional giveaway or spotted large reusable shopping bags that you can purchase at checkout lines? These often very inexpensive, if not free, little wonders that present you with a unique opportunity to introduce greener practices into your life. By scrapping the one-time use plastic bags that often get immediately thrown away at home for reusable tote bags, you can increase your sustainability efforts with each shopping trip.

Reduce Your Paper Mail

The digital age has presented us with unique opportunities to increase our green efforts through electronic billing. By simply reducing the amount of paper mail you receive, you can establish a more environmentally friendly household. Consider taking the time to cancel old mailings and catalogs and change your billing settings to only send you electronic statements and bills. This simple act can yield amazing benefits to improve your home.

Choose Appliances and Household Tools With Care

Common household items can strongly impact your ability to create sustainable and maintainable efforts. Low energy, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products and appliances can positively impact your green efforts without you even actively paying attention to them. By choosing products with care and consideration from the start, you can reduce your environmental impact and oftentimes save money over the long run.

Alternative Energy

Energy sources to power your home can be massively consuming and wasteful. The choice of turning off lights when you leave a room or not letting your air conditioner run for too long are only a few areas in terms of energy to reduce your environmental impact in your home. The use of alternative power sources to power your home, such as illinois solar power which can offer significant benefits to your home over the long haul. While solar power may require an initial investment, this can also power your home with a sustainable energy source and increase the value of your home at the same time. While many homes were traditionally not utilizing solar power, alternative energy sources open many doors while reducing environmental damage.

Travel Wisely

Traveling is an area of our lives that can reduce your carbon emission and reduce your environmental impact. Whether this is choosing a more energy-efficient or gas alternative vehicle or reducing unnecessary travel, there are options for every budget and every need in terms of travel and embracing a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Traveling is a luxury that yields many benefits, but needs to be conducted responsibly to ensure that there are still vacation sites to visit.

Introducing greener practices into your home and life may feel like a challenge, but with these simple changes, you can improve your planetary impact and even save yourself money in the future. These sustainability adjustments range in initial investment, but there are options for every budget, family and lifestyle.

Indy Summers
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