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Apr 28, 2020

Greetings Core Spirit Family

The topic that has been cropping up a lot around me this week is that of Meditation. This is a very important topic that needs to be highlighted because a lot of people are requesting assistance on social media regarding what they consider to be “the right way to meditate”.

I have been researching this topic during the course of this week and would like to share some insights with those whom my article will resonate with.

Mediation is a personal experience between you and the Universe. There is no “right way” of meditating. It is a unique experience for each individual. Some people can get into meditation quicker than others and they can experience the effects of meditation from the onset; whilst with others, it may take years to master before they get the hang of it.

Don’t allow another person’s experience to put you off meditation. It took me three years before I finally started getting what people term “feelings”. I had to meditate to aurora beats and I just concentrated on my breathing. Every time my mind ran away from me, I would bring it back to my breathing.

After much patience (I never used to have loads of that), I decided to give chanting a go and I haven’t look back since then. The chanting really assists with focus because you need to breathe and chant; so it teaches you a breathing technique and how to bring it all into alignment.

I was very disillusioned about meditation when I began because I also thought I was failing dismally. Three years later am finally in a position to motivate others not to give up. Find a way, your very own unique way of meditating. Start with only five minutes in the morning before you begin your day.

The technique that I began with was breathing in for the count of five; holding it for the count of five and then releasing for the count of five. I did this for five minutes every morning and built it from there over a period of time.

Please do not give up; and also do not compare yourself with others. You are unique so your experience will be unique.

Embrace it!

Blessings, love and light.

Tania Padley

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Hello Tania! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I agree with you in everything! I also had difficulties with meditation, I tried to tune in to meditation for a long time, but nothing worked. Only after a while, when I gave up trying, but thought a lot about meditating, about returning to my attempts, an insight suddenly descended on me. Never give up, that's for sure! Illumination will overtake everyone who strives and sincerely wants enlightenment!