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Bioresonance – Efficient Cure or Just Fuss?

Sep 26, 2019
Demi Powell
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Bioresonance – Efficient Cure or Just Fuss?

Published 12.07.2018

Photo: A very relaxed atmosphere during the treatment

Allergies, itching Skin and other Discomfort - what to do?

Years ago I was suffering from insupportable skin itching. Allergy tests and doctor consulting did not help. I will never forget the dermatologist who looked at my face and suggested to remove my forehead wrinkle with a botox injection – can you believe? Obviously, there was more money to make. Fortunately, a friend recommended to trying the bioresonance therapy. At that time, therapist Marion Lichtenauer was already THE expert for this treatment and she could actually help me. In the meantime, I have been treated by Marion for the past 13 years. It is always flabbergasting to see how she can diagnose through a very targeted anamnesis. Reason enough to learn more about the secrets of the therapy. I have asked Marion a few questions about it.

KHL: Please explain what bioresonance means exactly.

ML: The bioresonance is working with our energies, assuming that every creature is sending out energy. You cannot see these energies, but you can feel them. The quantum physics through Albert Einstein and Max Planck (among others) has confirmed a long time ago that every atom ultimately consists of enery. This means that each cell but also germs, viruses, or pollen radiate energy in a certain vibrancy in resonance, that way they reinforce each other and give you energy and health. If this order is disturbed, allergies and diseases can develop. With the bioresonance we can achieve that all energies come into resonance with each other.

KHL: How long have you been working with this therapy?

ML: I have been working with this therapy for over 20 years. Even if my spectrum has been extended by many other therapies, the bioresonance remains my hobby.

Photo: Finding out the causes of your ailment

KHL: How does the treatment work?

ML: If you come to your first therapy session, I first need a diagnose. I do this with the help of a salivary test, which is sent to a laboratory. However, this does not suffice – I need to know what is behind the symptomatology. I need a cause which has triggered your suffering and I even look into the cause of the cause. That way, I medicate you from the causes to the symptoms, not the other way round. Every therapy session is aiming to confront your own energies with those of viruses and germs which make you sick. With the help of the bioresonance device, I practically steer the frequencies which eliminate the energies that make you sick. You are sitting relaxed in a chair for approximately one hour and I am happy to answer all your questions during that time. I often apply collateral infusions or the intake of dietary supplements – it may also happen that you have to accept a change in your nutrition habits.

Photo: The bioresonance device

KHL: Which ailment or disorders can be treated with bioresonance?

ML: I apply the bioresonance therapy for almost all internal ailments and conditions such as gastric diseases and atopic dermatitis. Hormonal problems (menopause), migraine, fibromyalgia, metabolic diseases and, above all, allergic reactions can be perfectly treated with this method. By means of diagnostic investigation of the causes I can follow the status of the therapy and react accordingly.

KHL: Can you tell me a few success stories (apart from mine)?

ML: A friend of mine (58) was suddenly suffering from hair loss and could comb out her hip-length hair in bunches. She was very desperate since no remedy helped. We thought for a long time what could have happened previously. She had had a tooth treatment during which a few tooth crowns had been assembled. Since she had done the salivary test before, she knew which tooth material caused allergies and told her dentist. Despite this, a chemical substance had crept into her jaw which had been marked as incompatible in her test. All the dental prostheses had to be removed immediately. Right after the removal of the tooth crowns the hair loss stopped promptly.

Photo: Little ampules are key of the bioresonance therapy

The treatment of an 8-year old girl suffering from asthma and atopic dermatitis proceeded in a similar way. After a change of her nutrition and 10 weeks of treatment she was solid and we saw each other only every four weeks. Today she is 15 and has a neurodermatitis push from time to time, but nothing compared to the intensity in her childhood. Asthma has completely disappeared.A 20-year old student was complaining about continuous pain in the stomach region. Eructation, heartburn, often nausea. The salivary test revealed gastritis and germs at the stomach exit which can cause a stomach or duodenal ulcer. Over and above, he had a gluten intolerance and an allergy to cow milk. I asked to completely do without this food (and everything which is produced out of it such as bread, cheese, and yogurt)) for at least ten weeks. During this time, he came in for a therapy once a week. He took a natural remedy against the germs (whereas the academic medicine would have prescribed antibiotics). After three weeks, he told me with a smile on his face that he had drunk a beer over the weekend (or maybe two…) but he felt well. This status remained and he could continue his studies without any problems and also eat and drink normally again!

And then, there was a certain Mr. Limberg whose skin was itching all over his body but I believe you did not want to read this here!

Photo: Ampules against almost everything…

KHL: Why have orthodox medical practitioners so many reservations about the bioresonance therapy?

ML: Oh well, the academic medicine…! The functioning of the bioresonance therapy is scientifically not detectable. Therefore, many orthodox medical practitioners have problems to accept it. In the 1970s (shortly after the bioresonance therapy was introduced), Professor Dr. Albert Fritz has made a few tests to fathom the secrets of the bioresonance. Even he did not believe in its efficiency. After many tests and efforts to explain it, his summary was as follows: „Stop trying to explain the bioresonance – it just works!“. In the meantime, many doctors already have a bioresonance in their offices to test medications, for example. Dentist can find out which kind of material their patients tolerate. It is interesting that seminars are now attended by both therapists and doctors. What a great acceptance that is for our work. I am extremely happy about doctors who send their patients to me for a bioresonance therapy in order to combine traditional and natural ways of healing. That way, a holistic healing and co-operation with the patient can be guaranteed.

KHL: Many thanks, Marion. I believe you will get even more patients after this article.

You can find more information about the bioresonance therapy and Marion Lichtenauer here (only in German).

Thanks to Bernd Lichtenauer for the photos.

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