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Are we really loved without judgment?

Sep 14, 2020
Aiden Lottering
Core Spirit member since Sep 14, 2020
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“The Comforter will not enforce change onto me, if I have not decided on such change, due to the Comforter’s unconditional Love and respect for my choice of being” – Marcel Lottering

Free will. We have heard it before, we may have glimpsed at it from a distance or we may have experienced it first hand. Does it exist? Do we have it? When we look at the fleshy cage that surrounds our true being, it seems that we are really trapped by these bones, muscles, ligaments and skin. Who has not had an injury or illness that prohibited freedom of movement, let alone will?

I read the quote above from my uncle which was a part of a reply to a post on Facebook and it was put so perfectly that I did not want to change a thing. Can we accept the fact that we are loved no matter what we do or who we do it to? Can the unconditional love that flows through this creation really encapsulate the murderers, rapists, animal abusers, molesters, thieves, betrayers and everyone else that society deems ‘evil’?

We can if we take a close look at the statement above. If a thief wants to steal and keeps on pursuing the path of a thief, then there will always be plenty of things to steal. The same for the rest, as controversial as it may sound, there will always be another animal to abuse, another person to rape or murder. No matter how far back we go or which culture we look at, these things do happen.

We unfortunately get so stuck in our aversion to these that we fill our minds with it and let the emotional attachment become like superglue when we hear or see these things. This aversion makes us forget the flip side of this dual reality. If there is a person who only chooses the path of peace, goodwill, compassion and love, then what is the point if there is no one to share it with? Who will read the books, blogs, messages and watch the motivational videos when all of us are walking in the light?

I believe that if every being on this planet really opened themselves to introspection, eliminating the thoughts generated by the ego and found our truest selves in the depths of our being, then we would realize that the choices we make, whether labelled as ‘bad’ or ‘good’, has the backing of the Creator that creates through us. Just like the left and right leg has to move independently to make us go where we want to get to, so we have to move unattached between our light and dark selves to get to the place that we yearn to be.

May we all take these unconditional steps.

Aiden Lottering
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