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A Succinct Theory on the Origins of the Universe

Jan 24, 2023
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A theory of how nothing became everything

Thoughts, theories, perceptions and observations from “Beyond the Matrix” — a reality that exists outside of space and time. It is a reality that can be accessed through deep meditation and other methods of of expanded consciousness.

The Transmutation of Nothing to Everything

I am = pure consciousness

I am awake = conscious

This is me = awareness; a sense that the energy you sense is you; the connection between consciousness existing as pure consciousness and consciousness being aware of itself is the first iteration of a conscious thought, which is energy.

I want to do “something” = a desire to experience something other than yourself; a desire to experience something other than Infinity or your infinite nature; an intent/desire for “separation” or “space.”

How do I do that? = the intent to create, which manifests as intelligence, which manifests as Infinite Light.

Let’s do what we planned = the application of Infinite Intelligence to Infinite Energy.

Let’s keep a record of how to go from being nothing to everything = space/time; knowledge; logic

Space/time = the “dividing line” between Infinity (Nothing) and Existence (Everything).

On our 3D side, we only see “existence,” which exists as “space/time,” which is the manifestation of a conscious thought from the mind of an Infinitely Intelligent Being.

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