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Losing and Lengthening With Yoga

Mar 24, 2020
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Using Yoga to Get Slim

Losing weight is a daunting task for many. There are countless options for everyone, and possibly dozens more people out there offering advice for each method. It can be quite easy to get lost in the sea of health and weight management products, wasting time and money - and often your precious health. But there is one fitness choice that stands the test of time - the ancient practice of yoga. It soothes, balances and tones your body in ways that other activities don’t. Here are a few ways that you can use yoga to achieve a trim body.

Pre-Workout Stretching

If you have ever taken an exercise class, played a sport or followed along with a video at home, you are probably familiar with the common practice of warming up before exerting yourself. While some people may be perfectly fine to perform just a few simple stretches, it can be more beneficial to your performance if you take some extra time for a short yoga session instead. You will be able to stretch more muscle groups at once, which will ensure more flexibility in less time in preparation for the main event. And since it has been proven that warming up goes a long way toward preventing injury, this is one piece of advice that you should never skip.

Getting Focused

Doing anything repetitively can be difficult to maintain. Try as you might to keep your eye on the prize, your mind may very well begin to wander. Counting bicep curls turns into a mental grocery shopping list, planning your next vacation or considering what to buy for your spouse’s upcoming birthday. Some distraction is just a part of human nature, but if it gets the best of you, your workout may suffer because you won’t be giving it your all. The beauty of yoga is that it forces you to concentrate on each breath and every movement, effectively getting you in the proper frame of mind and obtaining the very best results possible for your goals. Once you have practiced regularly, you can even carry the fundamentals of yoga into other aspects of your life, including other fitness routines.

Muscle Mix Ups

Just like trying new things and getting out of your mental comfort zone keeps your brain strong, your muscles will also benefit from change. Akin to a physical form of using a high quality fat burners in your diet, incorporating yoga into your usual routine is a great way to accomplish “muscle confusion”, causing them to work harder to keep up with your movements - and as a result, burning fat faster. For example, if squats are part of your regular routine, you can try squatting and easing into a warrior pose to close it. You can choose almost any yoga move and work it into traditional exercise - keep your muscles guessing and your mind engaged.You will be more in control of your routine and avoid boredom - a winning combination.

Post-Workout Cooling

Similar to warming up, your body also needs a cool down session in order to stay in top shape and protect it from damage. One of the best ways to do this is to engage in slow yoga poses. This will allow your heart rate to come down, your mind to still and your muscles to relax. The better your muscles feel, the more likely you are to be able to stick with exercise for the long-term, and get the most from your efforts.

Staying fit and feeling your best doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to find what works for you, give it some time and have faith in yourself and in your abilities. Being healthy also means taking good care of your spirit, so it is very important that you do not overdo anything or put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Do what feels good, and let your soul soar with every breath that you take. Yoga can help you get there!

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