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Apr 29, 2020

Greetings Core Spirit Family

My message for the month of May 2020 is still in support of the post Covid-19 marathon.

It has been an extremely challenging month for all of us, but I do get the impression that the Spiritual Community are feeling this more than the main stream.

This month has been a game changer in my life. I had no idea that I would be doing what I am currently doing. It came out of nowhere. I have always found my blessings during the darkest times of my life. I am extremely humbled, blessed and grateful for my life and will spend the remainder of my days sharing my blessings with others.

I am also aware of how many people are beginning to “Awake” and are looking for guidance. I have always had a deep seated knowledge that 2020 was going to be a game changer and that everyone, no matter who they are, are going to feel the repercussions; whether it be a positive or negative experience.

I personally live my life by following all the Laws of the Universe. The Law that Guides me the most is that of “Synchronicity”. I research until I am able to follow the dots and know for certain that I am moving in the right direction.

I would very much like the Spiritual Community to share encouragement with those who are awakening. It is excruciating to go through all the stages without any support. I have first-hand knowledge of how awful you can feel; and no one to turn to because it is surprising how many people have no clue what that really means.

Our affirmation this month: “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hand on” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Astrological information:

I am only focusing on the Main Aspects for the month. I find this information on the Astrological yearly calendar. Please bear in mind that there are a few variations. I utilise what is applicable to my reading.

The Sun moves in to Gemini on 21st Of May.

The Sun in Gemini is flexible and adaptable, likes to play with ideas, is witty and has quick reflexes.

The Sun in Gemini highlights what is likely to motivate us.

Venus turns retrograde on the 13th of May.

Venus retrograde affords us the opportunity to revisit the past and may also uncover what may be

hidden and forgotten. Old friends and old lovers may reappear and you may have to visit past life


While Venus is retrograde it would serve us well to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistakes

from the past. We need to use this time to break karmic cycles!

My Tarot Spread:

Numerology number for date, and time of my reading is 9 – the number for the old soul and

humanitarian. 9 Promotes reaching your highest potential.

I have used my Angel Card Deck this month by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine. So I am using

their interpretations of how to read the cards.

My layout is as follows:

Card One: What we are trying to accomplish? – Unity (Hierophant in other decks)

We are to consider the broader implications of our actions. This is a dual card, so this month we

may find ourselves being called to either take the traditional route of doing things via the tried and

true methodologies; or we may skip tradition by thinking out of the box. We are encouraged to

spend time with like-minded individuals who can help us develop our spiritual gifts.

Card Two: What are currently experiencing in our attempts to accomplish our goals? – Nine of Air

A card of self-fulfilling prophecy. A situation where people focus too much on their fears, that they manifest it into reality. This card asks us to change the way we are thinking. We need to concentrate on the results we are hoping for, rather than worry that a bad outcome is on its way!

Card Three: What are our earthly challenges? - Justice

A card of encouragement to always do what we know is right; and in doing so, we can know that justice is always on our side. We are also encouraged to stand up for our beliefs – to know that we are right, and to hold firm to our convictions.

Card Four: Our unconscious hurdles – Seven of Earth

Our efforts will be rewarded, but like seeds in a garden, it will take time for our work to bear fruit. Worry is unfounded, all will be well in time; this is merely a temporary pause in action. Our plans will begin to gain momentum again.

Cards five, six and seven: Offers information on changes that would benefit our plans

Queen of Water (Cancer tinged with Gemini) – This is a deeply emotional card. We are being asked to care for each other, but also see that we nurture ourselves just as much. Feelings may run deep. We may also be prone to profound psychic experiences so we are asked to listen to our guidance, feelings and intuition very closely.

Renewal (Judgement in other decks) – We are asked to pause and review our achievements so that we can decide where we want to go in the future. We must take time to think of our options very carefully. We may have big decisions to make but we can be rest assured that we are ready for any endeavour we’ve been preparing for.

Queen of Air (Libra with a healthy dose of Virgo thrown in) – Offers a life free of clutter or emotional distractions (otherwise known as drama). This is the feng shui card. A card of wisdom born out of many life experiences, some uplifting and some quite challenging. There is an inner peace that has been earned. We have come to know how to handle just about any situation that comes our way, and the past experiences it represents.

Cards 8 and 9: The kind of results we can experience by implementing our plans

The Hermit – We may be called upon to seek out a teacher to help us move forward, or perhaps we have done enough inner exploration that we have great insights to share with others. We are encouraged to go within and pursue self-discovery; to be quite and listen to the small, still voice that comes from the depths of our souls.

Eight of Earth – We are advised to throw ourselves into our studies until we know all there is to know; to practice our vocation until our skills are honed. We are guided to set our eyes on perfection to make the grade, so go back to school, attend a seminar, take an online course; anything to do with educating ourselves and further developing our skills

Overall message for this reading, which is actually quite fitting with Venus moving retrograde

Six of Water – the past has a significant influence over our present and even the future. We are reminded to honour the past by expressing gratitude for our beautiful memories and to be forgiving regarding challenging times.

This card may indicate that someone from the past is going to return to our lives. Because of the card’s watery energy, this person from our past may be someone we had a romantic history with; or someone who was once a friend but who will now become something more intimate in the future.

We need to review the past and make the right decisions this time around.

We are also encouraged to bring out our inner child, and to allow more fun into our lives.

Sent to you with love, light and blessings.


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