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Sep 8, 2022
huda tufail
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Humans are beings of habits and routines. We get used to whatever environment we are living in. Moreover, we become more prone to the things we do every day. However, we need to be more conscious of what habits we attain over time. We never know when we get stray into wrong patterns and ruin our lives due to toxic habits. Here are some of the habits that are quite toxic and they deeply impact us and the people living around us.

  1. **Blaming others **
    One of the most toxic and unlikable habits is blaming others and not taking proper credit for our own actions. When we blame others for everything in our lives, we become free of every sort of blame or responsibility. This way of thinking becomes so deeply rooted that we don't even realize how much disagreeable we become over time.
    People never like such type of person because they never take responsibility for anything and have weak personalities.
  2. **Being uncaring towards yourself **
    When you treat yourself like a trash bag and don't take care of yourself, you are ruining your own future due to this toxic habit.
    Taking care of ourselves should be our first priority. It should never be underrated. No matter how much wealthy or successful we become, in the end, health is not replaceable and without it we can't do anything. Therefore, we need to consume less processed food and make exercise part of our life.
  3. **Comparing Yourself with others **
    When we live in such a fast-moving world, full of addictions and temptations, we can easily fall into the bad habit of ungratefulness. Comparing ourselves with others make us ungrateful for every thing and this results in unhappiness and anxiety.
    Most of the key speakers and writers are nowadays integrating this one simple habit of gratitude to save themselves from all the mental stress and frustration. Our life can become way more fun and happy if we give up this one toxic habit. We need to observe every day how much blessed we are. To do this, we should look at our surroundings; at the people who are deprived of the blessings, we are taking for granted. Another way of doing this is by counting the blessings you are bestowed with and writing them in your journal on daily basis.
  4. Finding faults in others
    We only find faults in others when we consider ourselves perfect. Moreover, this is also a sign of egoistic people, who are not happy with anything, except themselves. Life becomes really tough when you live with such a person. However, through conscious practice and others' help, this bad habit can be overcome.
    Moreover, when we stop ourselves from finding faults in others, we become more aware of our faults and weaknesses. This practice can make us more humble and down-to-earth.
  5. Never trying new things
    When we get into the habit of living in our comfort zone and not challenging our capabilities, we become dull and dreary. Creativity never finds its way to us. We remain in the endless loop of old habits and traditions. It also happens when we are afraid of facing the world or changing ourselves.
    Change is the key factor in why most people try new things. Change toughens us in its path. However, those who are not ready to try new things can't experience the exciting and different tastes of the world.
    In the End…
    When people try to experience change and adopt a growth mindset, they can do wonders. It all starts from the journey of self-awareness and self-actualization.

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Afsheen Shah2y ago

I love these toxics habits you shared. I truly believe that what you focus on grows. Its important to expand and uplift others.