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Improve your Fitness Routine with these Essential Oils

Feb 2, 2021
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I teach Zumba classes. I love it because it keeps me alert, in good shape, and it has allowed me to become friends with amazing people. I succeeded in improving my daily fitness routine, using essential oils. Here’s how:

1. Concentration and Alertness

Zumba and other types of exercises or sports need our minds to stay awake and alert. It’s vital to have the body and the mind synchronised, and often, the distractions of our daily lives prevent focus and total concentration. Before beginning the class, I spray my face with Alert Mist made with energising and stimulating oils for the mind: peppermint, rosemary, cardamom, and spearmint. I also use it after the class when I feel hot and sweaty. I recommend you use this spray before performing any exercise routine, even before going for a walk.

2. Muscle pain

When we exercise the right way and intensely, we will often feel muscle pain. After teaching, I like to apply some Pain Begone Body Oil on the sore areas, especially feet, and knees. The combination of essential oils in this preparation is useful due to their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and detoxifying effects.

3. Control your appetite

I am sure that you already know about what kind of diet is best for you to stay fit. My interest is not to give you any diet recommendations, but to give you a piece of advice that will help you stick to it and avoid falling off the bandwagon.

It’s very easy: smell essential oils that trick your body into thinking that you have eaten enough and that you’re satiated. Research says that it is not our stomach that tells you when to stop eating, but your hypothalamus. The hypothalamus sends the signal to the body that you must finish eating. The hypothalamus is directly linked to the sense of smell. When you smell particular essential oils, the hypothalamus sends the signal to the stomach to stop eating. Place a drop of the FIT essential oil blend onto a handkerchief and inhale three times with one nostril and three times with the other. Do it for about two minutes before eating or before you open the refrigerator or pantry to eat unhealthy snacks. You’ll notice that your prone to eat smaller portions and to keep to your diet.

4.Help your body detox naturally

With a healthy diet and exercise our body will get rid of toxins, and we can give it a boost using essential oils that can promote circulation and lymphatic flow, and break down fat and water deposits in the cells. Cedarwood, fennel, rosemary, and orange are the essential oils I used to formulate the Detoxing Body Oil. Apply some of it on your abdomen, hips, arms, and thighs. You can do this every morning.

As you can see, it’s very simple to stick to your fitness routine using essential oils.

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Thanks for the info, you inspired me to try yoga with aromatherapy. I already use these oils, but during meditation.