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Better Living Through Supplements
Dec 10, 2019

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As stressful as our fast-paced world is these days, staying healthy and fit while managing stress and concentration is complicated. Sometimes it seems as if our own bodies are working against us, not letting us sleep or making us feel sluggish or nervous for no apparent reason. Some people spend a great deal of time and money seeing doctors and getting prescriptions that usually only focus on one area, with unintended side effects. Even worse, some self-medicate with alcohol or other controlled substances, which may temporarily relieve stress or pain, but are extremely unhealthy after even short periods of use. Luckily, there is an alternative: natural, over-the counter dietary supplements! Here are some of the ways they can help you become healthier and happier.

Better Sleep

An alarmingly small number of American adults get the recommended amount of eight hours of sleep per night. And for those of us with stressful jobs, anxiety, or children, the sleep we do get is often not particularly restful. There are many great, natural supplements that can help with this, such as ginkgo biloba, melatonin, or glycine, which works by naturally lowering your body’s temperature, which signals to your brain that it’s time to shut off and go to sleep.

Better Shape

Obesity is an epidemic in America, and nearly everyone wants to either lose weight or maintain a healthy, sexy figure. Diet and exercise are, of course, key to this, but many people’s digestive systems or internal organs that break down food and fat aren’t working optimally. A great supplemental option is gda to help break down sugars which can lead to excess pounds and unhealthy conditions like diabetes.

Better Focus

We’ve talked about how hard it is to manage stress in our society. With hundreds of things happening all at once all the time, focus and concentration are huge issues for many people. Simple B vitamins can go a long way to increasing alertness and sharpening a stressed-out brain. Vitamin D3 has a similar affect, and so do Omega 3 fatty acids. Taken in pill form, these natural fish oils have numerous benefits for your brain and body, ranging from helping to fight anxiety, to eye and liver health, and even reducing the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Better Skin

We all know that glowing, younger-looking skin is attractive, but we often don’t consider that diet is the biggest contributor to (or nemesis of) healthy complexion. While it’s important to fill your stomach with healthy fruits, vegetables, and water, supplements are necessary for peak skin health. Collagen, which maintains skin structure, begins to decrease in people over the age of 30. Taking it as a supplement can help promote youthful elasticity and prevent wrinkles.

Vitamin C also helps produce collagen and provides many other benefits as well. It can help hydrate the skin, which also fights wrinkles. It helps heal wounds and spots and mitigates scarring. It also can repair damage caused by the sun.

Vitamin A can help fight acne by decreasing the amount of oil released by restricting the size of sebaceous glands and naturally exfoliate by shedding dead skin cells.

Better Energy and Stamina

Last, but most importantly to many people, supplements can be very effective in increasing energy. Others can help with stamina on the job, in the gym, or in the bedroom. Iron supplements help provide this mineral which is essential to fight fatigue, especially for people who choose to eat a meatless or low-meat diet. Vitamin B12 is also helpful in this area, and it can help people with celiac diseases who can’t absorb it from food naturally, which will boost their energy. A CoQ10 supplement boosts a natural energy-creating enzyme body as well. Testosterone or estrogen boosters can promote sexual well-being, stamina, and performance.

From root extracts to fish oils to boosts of vitamins the body already produces, supplements are amazing tools that can get your body working in its peak form!

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