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Jun 11, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
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Further my article on day four;


In the beginning when Galileo Galilei, basing himself on Copernicus’ studies of the movement of the stars, declared that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe, but just another planet orbiting around the Sun, he was not only establishing a different Cosmo vision; fundamentally, this was the start of a new phase or evolutionary time for mankind.

This was the beginning of the scientific discovery of the Laws that govern everything that can be observed. Besides astronomy, biology, chemistry, medicine and all the “natural” sciences, based on a new method of seeing, measuring and verifying reality; also came to the same conclusion, which at the time was surprising:

“Nature does not respond at random or upon the whim of an emotional and ill-humoured god, behind everything we see there is a Law”.

Four hundred years later, physics is the science that has come the closest to this subtle frontier between what we see and what we do not see, and seems to have reached the very core of the Laws of nature and how they behave.

The idea that social phenomena, be they collective or individual, are governed by Laws of exact as those that we have discovered through physics and natural science may, first of all, logically support the philosophical principle that says:

“Behind every phenomenon there is a Law”.

Secondly, and this is what is most attractive:

If we accept the existence of Laws for social phenomena, the process of our civilization on planet Earth would no longer be just a loose wheel in the universal panorama, or to put it another way, the process of development of human beings and their social organizations would also be included in the universal order and subject, therefore, to the Law of Evolution.

Which means that our present civilization would be just another step in the ascension of consciousness; and an additional link in the long chain that joins and relates the whole Universe, from the biggest to the smallest and from the subtlest to the densest?

The chain gives meaning to our past, explains the present, and gives our future direction by setting in on track towards a new form of civilisation in which greater harmony, wisdom, understanding, love and satisfaction for all human beings will reign.

As we come to understand how the Universal Laws operate, we can see a great door opening up towards the future in which we will be able to build a new civilization based on our understanding of the Laws.

What remains is the task of verifying through our experiences and existence of the great map that governs the perfect order of the Universe, which affects and controls our daily life a direct and forceful way.

As soon as we become aware of the existence of the Laws that maintain the universal order and we prepare to obey them, we begin to form part of a team of builders of a new evolutionary moment in present civilization.

Then we will be able to understand the reason for our existence on this planet, and give profound meaning to all the experiences we have here. We will be able to free ourselves from the belief that someone is to blame and the idea of injustice, by understanding that all events have a perfect pedagogical purpose for us to discover the Law that governs them and thereby become able to transcend conflict, pain and death.

Nothing is random; everything that happens is governed by perfect Law!

Although we may not know them we can verify their presence in everything that happens. If we learn what the process of the Universe is about, we will succeed in learning how to transform our lives, how to flow with the Universe and how to have a life of great quality and one with excellent results.

Chance does not exist, nor do good and bad luck, there is no unfairness, and therefore, no one is to blame and no punishment. Accepting this idea involves conflict, because the mind is full of ideas, concepts and beliefs that are opposed to the principles of the Universe.

Let us consider the following definition of Universal Laws: “They are immutable principles that govern the arrangement of the Universe and the processes of manifestation, creation, operation and comprehension of the Universe”.


• Everything within Law functions well and flows on its own.

• Everything that we need is within the Law.

• We need everything that life gives us.

• We are within the Law when we value love, and enjoy.

• Obeying the Law frees us from suffering.


• What is outside the law does not flow.

• Everything that we want is outside the Law.

• We want everything that we do not have.

• We are outside the Law when we complain.

The Law is not individual, but rather Universal; yet what is completely individual is the understanding of the Law. If people do not understand the Law, they cannot obey it, so they will not succeed in getting anything to work.

The principles developed by human beings to organise their society, unlike the Universal Law, are variable and therefore subject to change and repeal; but to the extent that these principles enable human society to be organised within certain parameters, which people commit themselves to respect or feel obliged to obey.

We can call these human laws “Laws of Men”.

The Laws of men are variable principles that govern the territorial, economic and social arrangement of human organisations.

The Laws of the Universe are more like the laws of physics, to the extent that to be able to catalogue them as such, first we have had to verify that each time that they are applied, they produce the same result, and that when we learn to manage them, we always obtain a specific purpose.

The Laws of the Universe are not written down in books, that is where the human concepts about God, the Law is recognise by the result, because it is not a question of beliefs but of variable truths. One cannot accept what one does not understand, and that is why it is important to Study the Laws in order to understand how the Universe Functions.

We all have exactly what we need, no more, no less, and it is impossible to lose it! The fundamental Characteristic of the Universe is Abundance. The only thing we have to do is learn how to access it!


This exercise consists of making four lists:

1. The list of what you want:

We want what we do not have. The “I wants” can refer to financial characteristics, physical – taller, thinner characteristics, to our family relationships, where we live, etc.

This list is very important, not only for recognising the Law, but also to progress in Spiritual Development.

2. The list of what you have:

Starting with the things as a body full of qualities, and following on with our knowledge, experiences, friendships, family, where we live, work, function, etc.

On completing this list we can ask ourselves how much we value what we have. By recognising, valuing, and being grateful for everything we have, which is much more than we imagine our results will be more satisfactory in every respect.

3. The list of what is happening around you:

What we see on the news, the behaviour of the people around us, social situations, physical events, etc.

4. This list of what is happening to to you:

What is happening to some can be totally different to what is happening around them. Sometime people say: “I cannot be at peace with everything that is happening in this country”. However, if we really think about what is happening to us and find that there is nothing dreadful, what are we complaining about?

Often we complain because we want to do things “our own way”, that is why it is useful to make a list of all the situations that cause us suffering; so that we can use them to train ourselves and cease suffering by applying information of wisdom.

Tania Padley
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